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26[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th October 2009, 5:51 pm


Fate slowly opened her eyes. She still felt dizzy and very weak. “Michael,” she uttered after seeing the familiar face looking down on her.

Michael tried to put on a smile. “How are you? You got me scared to death, did you know that?” he uttered with a low voice.

“I’m sorry… The only thing I can remember is that …” she suddenly stopped talking. “Can you help me to get up?” she said as she slowly sat up on her bed with Michael’s help. Somehow some things were still a bit blurry. And she was trying to think of something, but she didn’t know what specific thing she wanted to think about.

“Be careful… Why don’t you just lie down?” Michael said with worry.

“I’m okay,” she said with a smile.

As soon as she looked around the room, it was only then she noticed that Max was sitting quietly in a corner of the room, with his eyes totally red from crying. While the other DBSK boys were also sitting right next to him, their eyes were also red.

“Max,” she quickly uttered.

Max looked away. He wanted to hide the tears that were continuously flowing from his eyes.

“Max, why are you crying? Don’t worry… I’m all right,” then she suddenly stopped talking again.

Worriedly, she stared at Michael. But he just looked in a different direction as well as if avoiding her.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong? Why are you guys gloomy? It’s like somebody just died,” she said with a light laugh.

“Died!” the word immediately echoed in Fate’s head. She quickly touched her abdomen, as if trying to feel for something.

“Michael?” she uttered with confusion.

Michael just shook his head as he stared straight into Fate’s eyes. “Sorry, Fate. But it was already too late… The baby’s gone,” he tried to utter even though he was finding it hard to reveal the truth.

Fate shook her head in disbelief. “No! No! You’re just joking right? Tell me you’re just fooling around with me… This is a bad joke Michael!” she said with a trembling voice. She was trying to control herself from breaking down.

Michael sighed. He didn’t know what to do next. He was so concerned about how Fate was going to accept what happened to her baby.

“Michael!” Fate cried out. Tears were already flowing from her eyes. “Please tell me… it’s not true,” she begged.

Michael just felt like his heart was being slowly crushed as he continued to stare at Fate.

“Fate… It’s true… The … the baby’s gone,” Max said with a quivering voice as he approached her.

Fate gave him a bewildered look. “You know? You know about the baby? How? No! No! All of you are lying! My baby’s fine… My baby’s safe… here,” she said as she touched her abdomen again. “I know all of you just scaring me. My baby is here with me…” she uttered again as if she was going crazy.

“Fate, just accept it. There really was no way for the baby to survive. The doctors say it was already gone even before I brought you to the hospital. You could have died too if I didn’t find you in time,” Michael uttered with a low voice.

“Then you should have left me to die… along with my baby,” Fate uttered bitterly.

“Fate, don’t say that. You should be thankful that you’re alive,” Jaejoong suddenly said.

“Fate…” Max uttered with mixed emotions in his eyes.

She then slowly looked at Max. Somehow the pain she was feeling became more unbearable after seeing the tears in Max’s eyes.

“I’m sorry I never told you about our baby. But… I was trying to find the right time. I never thought… that…”

Slowly she finally broke down in an uncontrollable cry. She then started to rub her abdomen gently.

“I… I’m sorry, baby…. I know I am such a bad mother! I wasn’t able to take a good care of you. Now… now… I will never see how beautiful you are… I will never know if you’re a girl or a boy. I will never have the chance to hold you in my arms… to give you kisses when you’re sick or hurt… to tell you stories before you to go bed at night…” she suddenly cried harder.

“Fate,” the other DBSK boys uttered. All their hearts were also crying out in pain together with her… how they pitied her.

“I’m sorry baby… I’m baby … that you didn’t even get the chance to see how beautiful life is. Do you know how it hurts me… to … to…” she suddenly stopped talking as she found it hard to breathe. “I… I’m sorry I will never see you grow up… I will never have the chance to see you…” she then continued to cry pitifully.

Max just cried silently as he looked at Fate. “I should be the one to be blamed for all of these… I’m sorry Fate…. I’m sorry for being stupid and foolish. I know I gave you so much pain, and now I’m regretting everything I’ve done. I know you’re angry with me and I’m willing to do anything just to make up for all the bad things I’ve done,” he suddenly went down on his knees.

“Max,” Fate uttered sadly. “I don’t blame you. And I can never get angry with you. I love you too much. I even loved you more than myself.”

Max stared straight at Fate. “Forgive me… I want to make up… Please give me another chance. Let’s start all over. I promise… this time I will take better care of you,” he begged with tears streaming down from his eyes.

Fate bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from crying much harder. She then closed her eyes for a few seconds. It was breaking her heart to see Max in so much pain.

Slowly she opened her eyes again. Despite of the tears continuously flowing, there was something in her eyes… something that brought fear in Max’s heart.

“I think this is where we should stop, Max. Maybe this is a sign that we’re not really meant for each other. Right from the start, we already knew that we’re too different from each other. But because we’re both stubborn and impulsive, we still tried to hold on to each other. But now I think it’s time we both wake up, Max… I think it’s time to say goodbye…” she uttered with a sob.

Max suddenly stood up and quickly embraced Fate.

“No! Please don’t say that… I love you…. I’m sorry. I promise this time I will never make you cry again. Please give me another chance. Don’t say goodbye yet… I’m begging you. I don’t think I can live without you. Please don’t leave me,” he said with a trembling voice.

Fate just closed her eyes again as she continued to cry uncontrollably for her unborn child… and for her first love… for the very last time.

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27[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th October 2009, 5:51 pm


Back in the DBSK boys’ apartment, an hour later…

Max just stared blankly in front of him. Somehow he was still trying to accept everything that he had learned. His mind was still trying to sort out what was reality and what was just a dream.

A tear suddenly escaped from his eye and ran down his cheek. He didn’t care about what he looked like right at that moment. He didn’t care if he looked like a fool or pitiful in his friends’ eyes.

Somehow his whole body was numb. He didn’t have the strength to move and he was also finding it difficult to breathe. His eyes were already sore from crying but still he didn’t care.

“Max,” Micky uttered as he gently placed his hand on Max’s shoulder.

“Hyung,” Max said as he sadly stared back at his friend. “What have I done?” he asked as he quickly covered his face with his two hands.

Jaejoong just shook his head in pity. He knew that something like this was coming. But he never expected that the price that Max was going to pay was such a high price… the life of his child.

“What have I done? I know it’s already too late and even if I regret everything I have done… nothing will change. But my heart… how my heart aches. It hurts so much that I can’t seem to forget about my baby. My poor and innocent baby. How did it come to this? Why did I lose my child? Am I that bad? Maybe I really don’t deserve to be a father. Please help me… I don’t know how to stop the pain. I’m afraid that any minute now… I might suddenly lose my mind,” Max uttered as he finally broke down into tears.

U-Know sighed. “There’s nothing we can do, Max. We can try to help… but we won’t be able to take away the pain you’re feeling. I’m sorry. You will have to bear the pain so that you will also learn how to move on. In due time, everything will be all right. But as of now, you will first need to accept the truth. I know all of it seems to be unfair. But every specific action has a consequence. It is a basic rule of life.”

Max cried harder. He knew he deserved to be punished for all the wrong things he had done to Fate. But what he couldn’t accept was that his child was the one who paid for all his sins.

“I should be the one to be punished. But why did my baby have to die?” he asked out loud.

Xiah tried to pull himself together. It was like he was also going to cry. He was also very sad that such a tragic event happened to his friend. “Sometimes life is really unfair. And sometimes it gives us problems to test us… Maybe this is your test Max… You have to learn how to be strong, not only for your sake but for Fate’s sake as well,” he tried to utter.

“Test? What kind of test is this? Then does this mean that I failed? What’s next? What do I do now? I know I don’t deserve Fate’s love and forgiveness after all I’ve done… but it is only now that I realized that I can’t live without her. And I am willing to do anything just to set everything right. I want to make up… I… I am scared! I have already lost my baby. I don’t want to lose Fate as well,” Max said with a trembling voice.

“You have to give her time, Max. She’s confused and in pain like you. Maybe more than we can ever imagine. Give her time to think things over. You can try to talk to her again after a few days. It is the best for both of you to give each other some space to breathe … and heal,” Micky advised.

“But what if she suddenly decides to leave? You have heard what she said. She wants to leave me… She’s ending all the ties between us. I have a feeling she’s going to disappear from my life as well,” Max uttered with a confused look in his eyes.

Jaejoong sighed. Somehow he could no longer take what he was hearing. Even though he felt pity for his friend, there was still a part in his heart that kept on shouting angrily at Max.

“Max, I really pity you. But I am sorry to say this… I think it is only fair that Fate starts a new life… without you,” he boldly said.

“Hyung?” Max tried to utter.

“Jaejoong, what are you saying? Isn’t that a bit too harsh?” U-Know voiced out.

“Jae, you’re being unfair,” Xiah added.

Jaejoong smiled bitterly. “Harsh? Unfair? Are you talking about me? Are you guys blind? Don’t you think that if Fate stayed with Max… she would just suffer more? Try and put yourselves in her position. Would you guys stay in a place where all you remember are painful memories? Would you guys stay with someone that just keeps on reminding you of a very painful memory? All you’re thinking about is Max’s situation. What about Fate’s situation? Have you guys thought about her… and what she’s feeling? She’s lost her child… the child she carried and cared for. Since we are men, we will never know what it feels like for a mother to lose her child. But what I do know is that it is like losing a part of yourself… an arm… a leg… or even your heart. Have pity on Fate… Set her free, Max. I think it would be best for the two of you.”

“Hyung,” Max uttered as tears flowed out of his eyes. He knew Jaejoong was right. Fate would only suffer more if she stayed with him. But he couldn’t bear to let her go. He loved her… more than his own life. Sadly, it was only now that he realized everything.

Jaejoong gave Max a sad look. “Think it over, Max. If you really love her, set her free. She needs time to heal herself… alone.”

Slowly Jaejoong stood up and left the room. He knew he had already said enough. He also knew that the things he had said might have been too much for his friend, but it was something Max needed to hear.

Max’s entire mind and body lost control and he broke down into a pitiful cry.

Xiah, U-Know and Micky just exchanged glances with each other. They knew Jaejoong had a point. Even though what he said was painful for Max, it was still the truth.

Somehow they also felt ashamed after hearing what Jaejoong said. It was true that they were only thinking about Max’s side and they haven’t even thought about Fate’s situation.

Suddenly they were all lost for words. Only Max’s unending and heart-breaking cry could be heard as the sun slowly rose and signified a new day was beginning.

A new day… A new life… A painful ending.

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28[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th October 2009, 5:52 pm


“Are you sure you want to do this?” Michael asked with hesitation.

Fate sadly stared at him. Then she tried to smile and afterwards nodded.

”I just hope that you know what you are doing,” he uttered as he gently shook his head with disapproval.

“I don’t have any choice. I know I have to do this,” she replied with a low voice.

Michael took a deep breath. Somehow he could feel her pain. And how he wished that there was something he could do to take all the hurt away.

“But you heard what the doctor said… you’re not fit to travel yet. You’re supposed to be resting in a hospital. If I had know what you were planning, I wouldn’t have helped you in getting released from the hospital,” Michael said angrily.

“I’m sorry. But I just can’t stay there anymore. That place just keeps on reminding me of what happened. And it just keeps on reminding me of … of my baby,” she uttered as her voice quivered.

Michael looked at her worriedly. The doctor had already warned him about Fate’s delicate condition.

Even though Fate already seemed strong enough, her body was still very weak from the sudden miscarriage. Any kind of emotional or physical pressure might make her condition worse. And this was something he was most afraid of.

“You know you’re not allowed to cry anymore. We’re no longer in the hospital. So I wouldn’t know what to do if you suddenly faint again all because of your continuous crying,” Michael warned.

“Sorry. Don’t worry. I’m not going to cry, not anymore. That’s why I want to leave Japan already. I’m already tired of crying and I want to forget,” she replied.

“But. . . .” Michael wanted to say something but somehow he couldn’t make the words come out of his mouth. He was too afraid that he might actually hurt her with what he was going to say.

“I know what’s in your mind. Don’t worry…. I think I am already strong enough to totally leave him. I remember you already warned me before. But I was stubborn and determined when I got myself entangled in this fast-paced love affair. I … alone, made the decision to be with him. Now… I think it’s only fair that I alone make the decision to leave him,” she uttered.

“You’re just going to leave him without even saying goodbye? I thought you said you don’t blame him for what happened and that you’re not angry with him? So why are you doing this now? Don’t you think you’re being too cruel by just leaving him all of a sudden?” Michael asked with concern.

Even though he didn’t like the way Max had treated Fate. He was still trying to be fair on both sides. He knew how painful it was to be left by someone you love. And somehow he didn’t approve of the way Fate was handling her problem.

“I’m being cruel?” Fate asked with a surprised expression on her face. “I think I would be more cruel if I stayed… not only to him but to myself as well. Can’t you understand? If we stayed together, we will just keep on reminding each other of our baby.”

Michael shook his head. “Wherever you go, whatever you do, something or someone will always remind you of your baby. So I think it’s useless to run away. No matter where you hide, your baby will always appear in your mind.”

Fate tried to smile. “Yes, you have a point. But I still need to go. I want to forget and start a new life without him. I’ve already made up my mind. I hope you can support me with my decision.”

He stared at his friend and the only woman he had loved. He knew it was impossible to change her mind now. She was the kind of person that always stood by her decisions. Once she had already decided on something, she always makes sure that she sticks with it.

“Fine. If you really want to leave, then there’s nothing I can do about it. But just promise me one thing,” he uttered slowly in total defeat.

“What?” she asked curiously.

“Promise me, once we’re out of Japan, you will follow everything I say and rest for a whole month before returning to racing,” he answered.

Fate smiled sweetly, then nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, sir. I will gladly follow sir,” she said as a joke.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh with Fate’s silly gesture. He then quickly took her into his arms and held her tightly.

“I promise whatever happens I will always take care of you,” he softly uttered.

Fate just closed her eyes and allowed herself to feel secure in Michael’s arms. She couldn’t explain what she was feeling. It was like different emotions were all locked up inside her. But one specific emotion was trying to come out no matter how hard she tried to hide it.

Sadness was filling her entire soul. She loved Max but she knew she couldn’t stay anymore. She needed to learn how to forget and how to move on. Yes, it is painful now. But everything will eventually change once she was already far away. Both she and Max … as time passes by… will learn how to live without each other. Both of them will eventually find someone new and forget all the bad memories. She knew it was the best for both of them. The pain was just for a while and would soon disappear.

“Calling all passengers of Flight 17 bound for Frankfurt, Germany. Please proceed to departure gate 15B for boarding.”

Michael quickly released Fate, then he looked at her again. “That’s our flight. Are you ready?”
Fate nodded and just quietly followed him. This was what she wanted. There was no turning back now…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As the plane flew higher and higher, Fate felt like her heart was getting heavier and heavier by the minute. Full of regret and anguish, she looked out of the airplane and just stared at the darkening sky.

Tears flowed from her eyes. She told herself that she would never cry again. But here she was drowning herself in sorrow and pain. She was finally leaving the only man who had taught her how to love and the only man who she will love for the rest of her life.

“I’m sorry I have to leave you, Max. Please take care of yourself… Always remember even though we will be apart, I will always keep a special place in my heart just for you… I love you… and goodbye.”

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29[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th October 2009, 5:52 pm


Max nervously entered the hospital with the large bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Hey relax. You look like you’re going to collapse any minute now,” Micky uttered as he placed his arm around Max’s shoulder.

Max sighed. “I’m nervous. What if she still doesn’t want to see me?”

“Then we all go home… end of story,” Jaejoong immediately replied with sarcasm.

U-Know quickly shook his head. “Stop being so pessimistic. Let’s just hope that she’s in a better mood today,” he uttered as he pulled Max away from Jaejoong.

All of them knew that Jaejoong didn’t approve of Max seeing Fate again. So Micky, Xiah and him had constantly been keeping Max and Jaejoong away from each other to avoid any further arguments.

Xiah and Micky also shook their heads after looking at Jaejoong. Somehow they couldn’t say anything since they already knew why Jaejooong was acting harshly with Max.

A few minutes passed….

Max happily entered Fate’s room with the bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Good morning! I’m sorry if I just entered the room,” he quickly uttered as he was immediately shocked with what he saw.

“What happened?” the other DBSK boys also uttered.

Fate’s room was already empty and only two nurses were inside. They were about to leave when Max entered the room.

“Excuse me, but where is the patient that was staying here?” Max quickly asked.

The nurses exchanged glances with each other.

“You mean Fate Nakamura?” one of the nurses asked.

“Yes. Where is she? Has she been discharged? I thought she was supposed to stay here for about a week. How come she’s out already?” Max asked.

“Actually she wasn’t supposed to be discharged until next week. But she insisted since she said she needed to return to Germany as soon as possible. She was so determined to leave that she even signed a waiver so the hospital wouldn’t be responsible if something bad happens to her during her flight. Even though the doctors here in the hospital didn’t approve of discharging her, they really had no choice but to do so,” the nurse explained.

“What?” Max asked with shock somehow he felt like the ground just opened up and swallowed him whole.

“By any chance, did she say when she was leaving Japan?” Xiah asked.

The other nurse nodded. “She just left here an hour ago. The doctors needed to make one last final examination on her before she was allowed to board a plane. And I heard one of the other nurses say that she was leaving Japan today so her examination was rushed.”

Blood quickly drained out of Max’s face. Then confusion and fear were immediately seen on his face. He instantly dropped the bouquet he was holding and ran out of the room. He needed to find Fate before it was too late.

Xiah, Micky, U-Know and Jaejoong quickly followed Max. But he had already gotten into a taxi as soon as they reached outside of the hospital.

The other DBSK members hurriedly got into their van and followed him to the airport.

“Fate, how could you do this to me? How can you leave me? I love you…. Please don’t leave me,” Max uttered to himself. It was like he was going crazy. How he wished he could fly so he could get to the airport right away.

Max nervously looked at his watch. His heart was pounding so hard and beating so fast that he couldn’t explain what he was really feeling.

“Fate, wait for me… Please don’t leave me,” he uttered again.

The taxi driver who heard what Max said gave him a quick glance. He then shook his head and just decided on something out of the blue.

“You should have told me you were trying to catch someone… Hold on tight… We’re going to be there in no time,” the old man said with a smile.

Max smiled and then nodded.

Ten minutes later.....

Max hurriedly entered the airport like a confused boy trying to find his way through an unfamiliar place. He quickly looked at the departure listing of all the flights for that day. And somehow what he saw was something his mind couldn’t and wouldn’t accept.

The only flight going to Germany that day had already left more than half an hour after he arrived.

“No… no… no…” he uttered as he fell down on his knees. Some of the people in the airport started staring at him, but he didn’t care. He suddenly felt weak, very weak. “Fate… why did you leave me?” he asked as tears started to form in his eyes.


Xiah, Micky, Jaejoong and U-Know rushed inside the airport. They knew they needed to help Max. But as soon as they entered the airport, their hearts were filled with pity.

Max was already approaching them with his eyes already filled with tears. There wasn’t any need to ask anymore. They already knew the answer just by seeing his tears.

“Hyung, she’s left me…. Hyung…. Hyung…. What… what am I going to do now?” Max asked his friends as soon as he was near them.

Jaejoong’s heart was crushed. Even if he was mad with Max. He still loved him like a brother. And seeing him so full of grief was too unbearable for him. He lovingly took Max into his arms.

“Hyung…. I don’t think I can live without her…. What am I supposed to do now? Please help me… I need her back…. I love her,” Max uttered in so much anguish in his voice.

Jaejoong gently rubbed Max’s back and simply replied in the most gentle and caring voice. “It’s time to let go, Max. It’s time to let her go…”

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30[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th October 2009, 5:52 pm


Ten months passed….

“Are you okay?” Michael asked Fate as he gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

It was then that Fate slowly turned around to face him. She had been staring out of the window of her room for quite some time. Sadness was visible in her eyes, and somehow seeing this made Michael’s heart ache. He tried to put on a smile and tried to pretend. He wanted to put on a happy façade so to make Fate forget even for a short while.

“Have you forgotten about our date?” he asked cheerfully.

Fate immediately shook her head and tried to smile as well. “No, of course not. As you can see, I’m already dressed up for our date. I have been ready for almost an hour now,” she answered.

“I see. Somehow I had a feeling you were waiting for someone else,” Michael unexpectedly uttered as a joke.

Fate was surprised, but was able to manage her emotions. Michael’s joke had a different effect on her.

Michael was more shocked with the things he had said. He never intended his joke to be so personal. At that moment, he wanted to just hit his head because of his stupidity and carelessness.

“I’m sorry. I was just joking,” he apologized.

Fate smiled. “It’s okay. It’s been so long… I guess it’s time I learn how to be used to such jokes…. Ten months…. Ten months is already a long time… enough to forget.”

Michael let out a deep sigh. “Ten months is definitely a long time for someone who isn’t in love, but for someone who is truly in love…. It is just a small fraction of the total time he is willing to wait,” he replied with a hidden meaning.

Fate couldn’t decide on what to say next. She felt like she had suddenly choked on Michael’s words and was now slowly dying.

“You know, even if you try to deny it a million times…. I know you still love him and that you miss him. Don’t you think it’s time for you to go back and find your way back to him?” Michael bravely asked.

Fate shook her head again. “No, why should I go back to him? After I left… he didn’t even try to contact me… not even once… It just proves that I really mean nothing to him,” she said with a hurt look in her eyes.

“But Fate… you’re the one who left him, remember? If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t know whether to run after you or just let you go as well,” Michael gave out his opinion.

“But still…” Fate uttered.

“But still you’re being stubborn and totally unfair,” he uttered back in return.

“Hey, which side are you on? I’m your friend. So how come you’re on his side?” she asked out loud.

Michael suddenly laughed. “Yes, I’m your friend. But I’m not going to be biased just because of our friendship. I’m just giving you the facts… nothing wrong with that.”

Fate pouted. “Oh my head hurts with the way you think. I don’t know why I even bother arguing with you. All of you guys are all the same. You always stick with one another just like glue.”

Michael laughed harder with what he heard. “Darling, haven’t you heard the saying… Birds of the same feather flock together?”

Fate shook her head. “Oh Michael! Sometimes I really wonder how I manage to put up with you.”

Michael quickly changed his expression into a mocking look. “Maybe its because of my good looks and irresistible charms,” he joked.

Fate stared at her friend with eyes wide open with shock. “What? Good looks? Let me think about it first,” she said as a joke as well.

Michael smiled. He was happy that Fate had started to act like normal herself again. It was nice to see her smiling and laughing again.

It had taken her a few months before she could finally pull herself together again. During the first month that she arrived in Germany, she just locked herself up in her room and continuously cried for days.

A week after her first month in Germany, she was hospitalized for almost a week. Her father made sure that the news about her being sick was never leaked out to the media. He hired several men to guard her and take care of things until she was allowed to go home.

By the end of her second month in Germany, she had fallen into a deep depression that she even tried to commit suicide by drinking a handful of sleeping pills and prescription drugs. Luckily that her father had hired a personal nurse to look after her right after she got sick… so the nurse was able to save her in time…

Right after her suicide attempt she went to England, where she stayed for two months under the careful supervision of several doctors and nurses. There she was able to totally heal herself, both physically and emotionally.

During the time she was hiding, no news was ever reported about her health condition or her suicide attempt. A lot of people kept on asking where she was. Michael was sometimes bombarded by media people with questions regarding her whereabouts. So there were times that he would just end up making jokes just to change the topic.

During the time that Fate was healing herself…. Michael just silently stood by her side and carefully guided her in everything she did. It was his way of loving her. He knew that her heart was already closed and that friendship was the only thing she could offer. And though his heart was aching, he accepted reality like a real man. He had decided that if friendship was the only thing she could give him, then it was good enough for him. He was willing to be her friend… He was contented with what he had just as long as he was by her side.


“Michael, what are you thinking?” Fate asked.

He then snapped out of what he was thinking. “Nothing… I just remembered something. Are you ready? I don’t want to be late for the concert,” he said with a smile.

“Yes, I told you I have been ready for an hour now… Come on. I don’t want to be late too. I am so looking forward to seeing the concert. I haven’t seen a live concert for more than a year now,” she said excitedly.

“Well, just make sure you don’t go screaming out loud when you see the singers okay… It’s embarrassing…” he said as a joke.

Fate lightly laughed. “Don’t worry. I won’t be screaming…. but yelling.”

Michael laughed as well. “Fine, scream all you want. Just make sure you don’t go around complaining tomorrow... Oh, and please save some of your voice. I still need a talking Fate by tomorrow. We have a meeting with the organizers of the race we’re joining remember?”

She then sweetly smiled, then nodded. “Don’t worry… I will make sure I can still talk tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to miss the upcoming race… I have been out of the race tracks for almost a year already… I really need to join that race.”

“Well. Let’s go… “ he happily said as he took her hand and led her out of the room.

A few minutes passed and both of them were already on their way to a rock concert. Unknown to them, something was about to happen… something that they weren’t prepared for.

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31[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 6th November 2009, 4:32 pm


During the whole concert, Fate just cheered and screamed just like any ordinary fan. She was having such a good time that she didn’t even care about the curious looks that some of the other fans were giving her.

“Fate,” Michael whispered into her ear.

“What?” She asked curiously.

“I think the other fans already know who we are. I already spotted some guys were pointing at you. I think we should leave,” he answered with worry written all over his face.

“But how? I already put on a disguise,” she asked back.

Michael lightly laughed. “Just tying your hair back into a ponytail, putting on a cap and wearing thick glasses won’t help dear.”

“But the concert isn’t finished yet. Besides what’s wrong if they see me here? There’s no law against watching a concert. I can basically do anything I want,” she protested.

Michael shook his head. Fate was back to her normal and stubborn way.

“We should have brought some body guards with us when we came here,” he uttered.

Fate looked at him, then laughed. “Bodyguards? What on earth for? Stop worrying and just enjoy the concert. You know, you’re always worrying about everything. Just relax.”

Michael just sighed. He knew it was useless to talk to Fate. She was really enjoying so it was impossible to make her leave early. “Look, I am just going to make a phone for a few minutes. Do you think I can leave you for a while?”

Fate just nodded her head, and didn’t even bother to look at Michael. “Oh sure! I can take care of myself. Don’t worry. Just go and make your call.”

“Are you sure, you’re going to be all right? Maybe you can just come with me. It will only take a few minutes,” he said.

Fate shook her head and then smiled. “I will be fine. Just go, make your call and return okay.”

“But…” he wanted to say something else when she interrupted him.

“What could possibly happen to me here? I am in the middle of a large crowd. I can easily scream out for help. So don’t worry… make your call… I will be here when you come back. Promise,” she said with a sweet smile.

Michael stared at her for a few minutes before finally leaving her in the middle of the large group of screaming female fans. The rock band they were watching had just started to play a new song, and everyone was already singing to the tune.

He left in a hurry. He just needed to make a short call to one of Fate’s body guards. So they can come to the concert and his mind can finally be at ease. Somehow something was bothering, but he didn’t know what it was. He was having a strange feeling that something was going to happen.

After finishing his call, he immediately went back to where Fate was. But …

“Where is she?” he started to ask himself as he nervously searched around the place where he left her. He searched around, looked left and right. But she was nowhere to be found.

There were a lot of female fans so it was a little hard to search, but he patiently searched from one spot to another. He then suddenly thought of something. He quickly took out his phone and started to call Fate. But her phone just kept on ringing, making him more worried.

“Fate, where are you?” Michael uttered again in frustration. His hands were starting to get cold because of the fear that was slowly creeping into his heart.

He hurriedly went out of the concert grounds and straight to his car. But she wasn’t there either. With trembling hands, he started to call Fate’s body guard again.

“Where are you guys? You have to come here quickly… Fate’s gone. She just disappeared. I… I can’t find her anywhere. You guys have to hurry,” he said with a trembling voice. His hands were already cold. He started to look from right to left, expecting Fate to just appear and come walking up to him.

“Fate, where did you go? Come on. Stop playing. I am so worried already,” he uttered again. He then started to dial Fate’s number. But the phone kept on ringing just like before. “What happened Fate? I should have never left you alone… I should have just brought you along when I made that stupid call…” he said as he covered his face with his trembling hands.

***Two hours passed….

“Michael, we have searched the entire concert grounds. Everyone has left already. The place is completely deserted. And there is really no trace of Fate anywhere. Some of my men are already searching the videos taken by the security cameras at the entrance and exit points,” the man in-charge of Fate’s body guards informed him.

“Have you told Fate’s father about this?” Michael worriedly asked.

“Yes. He has instructed us to call him as soon as we found out something. He will be here in half an hour,” the man replied.

“I don’t know what happened. I just left her for maybe 10 minutes. How could something like this happen?” Michael again uttered with frustration.

“Michael, don’t blame your self. It’s not your fault. It’s really impossible for someone to actually abduct her in a middle of a large crowd. And besides, there’s no reason for her to be abducted anyway. So no one can really tell that this kind of thing would actually happen,” the older man said as he gently patted Michael’s shoulder as a sign of support.

“But I was supposed to take care of her,” Michael said with his voice already starting to quiver. While tears were somehow trying to form in his eyes, he continuously blamed himself. He knew it was his fault. He shouldn’t have left her alone.

“Where are you Fate? Where are you?” he continuously uttered to himself.

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32[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 24th November 2009, 3:36 pm


Back in Japan…

Max was quietly reading a book, when his phone suddenly started ringing. “Hello,” he greeted with a bit of uncertainty.

“Max,” a man’s voice uttered.

“Who’s this?” Max asked curiously. Somehow the voice was familiar but he can’t remember where he heard it.

“I’m Michael…”the man replied.

Max’s whole body stiffened after hearing the man’s name. “Why are you calling me all of a sudden?” he asked with irritation.

There was a long pause before Michael answered. “Look, I just called to ask … if Fate had come to you by any chance?… Or maybe if…. the two of you are together now?” Michael asked with a strange tone in his voice. He was finding it so hard to ask since he knew Max was angry with him.

“What? Are you crazy? She left me almost a year ago? She left me without even saying a single thing… and now you’re suddenly calling me to ask if I had seen her or if we’re together? Don’t you think what you’re asking is a little bit weird? But just to put your mind at ease, I will answer your ridiculous questions. No, I haven’t seen her since she left me and even if she appeared in front of me today… I don’t think I would even talk to her,” Max said with so much bitterness in his voice.

“I’m sorry… I was just taking a chance when I called you. I know it is very impossible that she would come to you…. but I am already desperate and going out of my mind trying to find out where she had gone to,” Michael uttered with a sad voice.

Max laughed. “Maybe she just left you… the same way she left me. I don’t think you should search for her. If she did it to me, she can do it to you too. So don’t be surprised…”

“You don’t understand, Max. She doesn’t have to hide from me. We don’t have any relationship, in the first place. And the way she disappeared was too disturbing…” Michael suddenly blurted out.

“Disappeared?” Max suddenly asked with concern. Even if he was angry with Fate, he still couldn’t deny the fact that he still loved her. So his true emotions just suddenly appeared again after hearing the worried tone in Michael’s voice. “What do you mean disappeared? Please… tell me.”

Michael paused for a few seconds before speaking again. He was trying to decide whether to tell Max the truth or not. “We were in a concert yesterday… and I just left her for a few minutes to call someone… and when I returned she was gone. We had already informed the police and many people are already looking for her now… She’s already missing for more than a day now… I am going crazy just worrying about her. And I suddenly thought about you… I was hoping that maybe she had gone back to you or something… I am still hoping that she…. she’s somewhere… and safe…” Michael voice’s sounded full of fear.

Max’s heart was already beating wildly. Somehow he wanted to go where Michael was and try to find Fate himself… “Where are you? Tell me… I want to help in finding her,” he suddenly asked Michael. He still cared about Fate and he wasn’t going to stand around waiting… He was going to find her no matter what it took.

“Sorry, Max… Even if I tell you, it won’t be any use…. You’re just going to waste your time coming here. Many people are already searching for Fate. I will just call you once we find her…” Michael answered.

“Don’t do this to me. Don’t tell me what I can and can not do. I want to help in finding her. I want to help her… If you didn’t have any intention of telling me the truth, then you shouldn’t have called me in the first place,” Max uttered with anger.

Michael sighed. Max was right. “I am sorry for suddenly disturbing you… But I really don’t think that you should know where we are… It is for your own good too…”

“You’re despicable. How can you have the heart to call me out of the blue and disturb my already peaceful life and then just decide to leave me hanging like I don’t have the right to get some answers,” Max said with a raised tone.

“If I tell you where we are… what will you do? You’re going to come here… and then what? The police are already looking for her and they haven’t found a single clue as to where she is. What do you think you can do to make a difference? You’re not the police…. So stop raising your voice… It won’t help,” Michael with irritation as well.

Max sighed. “I…. I am just worried… Sorry…. If…”

“I understand… But I really can’t tell you where we are… Her father already gave strict instructions to never let you get near Fate again. I’m really sorry,” Michael uttered.

“Please… Michael…” Max begged.

“I will just call you when something important comes up… or if we finally find her. Sorry, that’s all I can do,” Michael said as he hurriedly closed his phone.

“No… Michael, wait… please. I still need to talk to you,” Max shouted but Michael had already closed his phone.

“What’s wrong Max?” Jaejoong asked as he quickly went to Max’s side. All the other DBSK members were instantly alarmed after hearing the conversation that Max was having on his phone.

Max looked at his friends with worry and fear written all over his face. “That was Michael… He was just asking me if I had seen Fate by any chance… it seems she’s been missing since yesterday,” he uttered with a quivering voice.

“What? Fate’s missing? But why would he even think that Fate will come to see you? The two of you haven’t seen each other since the day that she left… and that was months ago?” Xiah asked as he shook his head in disbelief.

“He was just taking a chance, that’s all. I think he’s really desperate to find her. Honestly…. I am very worried as well. But I don’t know what to do. Michael won’t even tell me where they are right now. He says that Fate’s father has already forbidden Fate to get in touch with me… What should I do?” Max asked his friends.

“There’s nothing you can do, Max. All you can do now is just wait…” Jaejoong uttered.

That night as Max closed his eyes, the only image he could see was Fate sadly staring at him and somehow reaching out to him….



Fate sadly stared at her reflection in the mirror… as a hand gently touched her shoulder…

“I hope you already know what to do now?” a voice asked.

Fate just kept on staring at her reflection as if she wasn’t herself anymore. She then nodded slowly…

“Good… That’s a good girl,” the voice uttered again with a frightening laugh.

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Michael went totally pale after hearing what the man in front of him was saying.

“Can… can you please repeat that again?” he said with a quivering voice. Somehow he couldn’t fully comprehend what he just heard.

“Miss Fate has already returned. She personally went to see her father. She then explained the reason why she disappeared. It seems she has been with Mr. Norman Horton the whole time she went on missing,” the man repeated.

“She was with Norman? Why would she do that?” Michael asked out loud.

“And… another thing sir… I think you should know that Mr. Horton has already talked to Mr. Nakamura and has asked for Miss Fate’s hand in marriage,” the man again informed Michael.

“What? What is going on? How come Norman suddenly becomes involve in Fate’s life all of a sudden?” Michael asked as he became more confused.

“Sir… I believe there is something going on and that you should go and talk to Miss Fate. Just like me, the other body guards who had been working for Miss Fate are all very surprised as well. We know that something is bothering Miss Fate the moment she appeared. Her eyes were all red, like she had been crying non-stop for days. Also one of my men told me that he had heard Mr. Horton instructing one of his own men to keep a close watch on Miss Fate,” the man reported again.

“This is becoming more ridiculous by the minute,” Michael said angrily. “Come on, I am going to see Fate. I have to clear everything out,” he then snatched his coat and went straight out of his apartment.

“Michael,” Fate uttered the moment she saw him enter her room.

“What is going on Fate? They say you’re getting married to Norman? Is it true? Have you really gone mad?” Michael asked straight to the point. He was too angry to even try to be gentle with his words.

Fate bit her lower lip. She didn’t know how to answer Michael’s question. She knew the moment she answered. He could easily tell that she was just lying. He already knew her so well that he could easily understand a simple movement that she made.

“Fate? What’s wrong? Why are you suddenly marrying Norman? Tell me,” Michael shouted.

Stunned, she just stared at him. “I… I really don’t know what to say Michael. I’m sorry... I didn’t want to keep a secret from you… but…”

“You’re lying! What’s wrong?” Michael hissed with irritation.

“Michael,” somehow it was the only thing that Fate could say at that moment.

“Why did you disappear? And how come Norman is involved all of a sudden? Don’t tell me you were having a relationship with him… because I won’t buy it. I am not dumb. I know you so well. You never liked him more than just a friend. So don’t convince me that you really like him so much that you’re willing to marry him. Tell me what’s going on… or you won’t like what I am going to do next,” Michael said as a threat.

“Michael… just let me make this decision… please,” she begged him. It was like she didn’t have the strength to even argue and explain everything to him.

“No! I want the truth… and I want answers. I won’t leave unless you tell me what is happening to you,” Michael uttered seriously.

Fate just lowered her head and slowly shook her head. “You can’t force me to tell you anything… because there is nothing to talk about. I am going to marry Norman… and that’s the end of the story. I really don’t care whether you like it or not. And I don’t care if you believe in the things I am saying. Just leave me alone,” she said with a raised tone.

Surprised, Michael stared at Fate more closely. “Fate, it’s me Michael… I thought we didn’t have any secrets from each other. We’re like twins remember? I know everything about you, and you know everything about me. How come you’re acting like this? I am really concerned about you…”

Fate quickly turned away to look at another direction. She didn’t want to see the sadness in Michael’s eyes. “Just go… I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” she uttered coldly.

Michael shook his head. Somehow he was trying to wake himself up. He couldn’t believe what was happening was really a part of reality.

“You heard her… she said she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore… So I suggest you leave,” a man’s voce suddenly said.

Michael quickly turned to look at the man who was only a few inches away from him. It was Norman.

“You,” he uttered as he hurriedly went up Norman and grabbed his shirt. “What did you do to Fate?”

Norman just let out an irritating laugh. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We have been lovers for quite sometime already even before she and that Max met… But I just allowed her to do whatever she pleases since I know she will always come back to me.”

“You’re a liar. She never had a relationship with you. If she did, she would have told me,” Michael uttered as he tightened his grip on Norman’s shirt.

“Believe what you want to believe… I don’t care as long as you don’t interfere in our marriage,” Norman said with a frightening look in his eyes.

Michael slowly released Norman. It was like his strength was giving up

“Michael, please… I think you should leave,” Fate uttered. She felt like the more she looked at Michael, the more she wanted to just run and break free. She wanted to just run up to him and cry her heart out. She wanted to tell him everything, but she knew she couldn’t. It wasn’t allowed.

“Fate, this is absurd. You’re not like this. If Norman is making you do this because he’s blackmailing you or something… just tell me, I will help. We can fight him Fate. You’re not the type of girl who would allow herself to be manipulated by someone else. You’re a strong girl, Fate. Don’t do this to yourself,” Michael tried to remind his friend.

Fate felt like she wanted to just shout out everything that was happening. But she was afraid. She was afraid of the consequences. She needed to stay quiet or something bad might happen. At that exact moment, she felt totally helpless.

Unexpectedly… tears started to fall down from her eyes. “Michael, please… just leave me alone,” she said as she slowly closed her eyes to somehow stop herself from crying.

“No, I won’t go… not until you tell me what is going on. Why are you marrying Norman? I thought you said you still loved Max? Why are you suddenly marrying him? Tell me!” Michael shouted as his whole body was somehow trembling. He was mad and afraid, both at the same time. He felt like he just wanted to beat up Norman and get everything undone. But he knew it wasn’t that simple.

“I’m sorry,” was the only thing Fate could utter.

“Sorry? So you’re just going to let him use you? Fate… please…” Michael started to beg. Right at that moment, he felt like he just wanted to cry. He had never felt so useless in his entire life.

“Leave,” Norman uttered with a grin. He was so happy seeing the mixed up emotions tearing up Michael’s soul.

Michael glared at Norman. “What have you done? I knew you were evil, but I never expected you would go this far. Why can’t you just leave her alone? She doesn’t like you. Why do you have to go to so much trouble just to have her when you could have other girls intend? You’re rich, good looking, successful… Why do you keep on pushing yourself to her?”

Norman laughed. “Simple. I like her. And everything I like… I get. I have never… ever let anything I like be taken by someone else. What I like… will always be mine.”

“You’re not a man but a monster! You’re totally despicable,” Michael said with anger.

“Thank you. That is a great complicate for me. At least, I know I am really successful in taking what I like,” Norman said again with an irritating laugh.

Two men suddenly walked into Fate’s room, then they immediately walked up to where Michael was standing.

Norman grinned. “Guys, please escort Fate’s guest out of the house… He’s leaving now…”

Michael stared at Fate. He instantly saw the sadness in her eyes. “Fate, I am leaving… But I promise, I will return. I will find a way to help you.”

Norman couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Good luck. Now you’re making me curious as to how you’re going to help her… when she doesn’t even want to help herself.”

“Fate… just take care of yourself while I am gone…” Michael uttered softly.


A day later…

Max and the other DBSK boys were all busy preparing for their interview in a TV station when someone unexpected suddenly walked into their room.

“Max… I need your help,” Michael uttered.

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34[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 6th February 2010, 11:31 pm


“What?” Max asked out loud as soon as he heard what Michael said.

The other DBSK boys who were sitting nearby were also surprised.

“How come she’s suddenly marrying him?” Max asked again with a quivering voice. He felt like all the energy in his body had suddenly disappeared.

Michael shook his head. “I don’t know either. I am quite confused as well. She wouldn’t even dare go alone on a date with him. So I know Norman’s lying. I know something is wrong. I think Norman is blackmailing Fate… Max, we have to do something quick. Their wedding is already set. I just don’t know when exactly. Norman is really keeping a tight lock on all the details.”

“Of course, I will help. I am certainly not going to let Fate marry another man. She belongs to me. I know I have a lot of things to make up for. And I was just giving her some space and more time to heal herself before I court her again. I would die first before anyone takes her away from me again,” Max said with fire in his eyes.

The other DBSK boys stood up and quickly clapped their hands.

“Finally our boy has woken up,” Junsu uttered with a wide smile on his face. He was happy that Max had finally decided to act.

“Whatever you guys are planning, don’t forget to count us in too,” U-Know added with a smile as well.

Max looked at his friends. And it was that exact moment that he felt his strength and courage had returned. He only hopes that he still had a chance to get back what he had lost…


Fate was in the balcony of her room and staring out at the garden below. She smiled after seeing the beautiful effect that the moon had as it shone in the sky and cast a soft light over the entire garden.

How she remembers she would sometimes play hide and seek in the garden with some of her friends whenever there was a full moon.

How she wish she could return to being a child again. Everything was so simple and there were no complications.

She let out a long sigh. If she could only wish for everything to be all right, how she wished she didn’t have to marry Norman.

“Don’t tell me you’re thinking about Max again?” a man’s voice suddenly uttered behind Fate that made her turn around with fright.

Norman laughed at Fate’s reaction. “Why? Am I that scary now? Do I look like a ghost?” he asked as if teasing.

Fate’s reaction quickly changed into a cold one. “Oh, it’s you… Actually a ghost is nothing compared to you,” she sarcastically answered.

Norman smiled, then clapped his hands. “Bravo! My girl is already learning how to bite. That’s what I like about you. Feisty!”

“What do you want? Just say what you want to say and then get out,” Fate said with an irritated tone.

“I will be gone for the whole day tomorrow. I just want to remind you about our agreement. Just in case, some crazy idea gets into that pretty head of yours,” Norman announced quickly with a serious tone.

Fate lightly laughed. “What do you think of me… an old woman that you have to keep on reminding or repeating instructions to? I know what I agreed to. I just hope you stick to your end of our agreement. Because if you don’t…. I promise you…. I will make your life a living hell.”

“Ohhh… I’m already shivering in fear,” Norman replied in a mocking manner as he slowly turned around and laughed again before finally leaving the room.

Fate just kept on staring blankly in front of her even after Norman left. It was as if she was remembering something that happened the day she disappeared… the day her whole world changed…


“What do you want Norman?” Fate asked out loud. “Have you thought about this? Do you know kidnapping is a crime?”

Norman placed on an evil smile. “Whoever said this is kidnapping?”

“Take me back! Michael is surely looking for me already. Aren’t you afraid of the consequences? I have already told you a million times… I can only offer friendship… nothing more, nothing less. So just find another girl. I am not the one for you,” Fate said with an angry tone.

“Do you really think I would easily give up? I have spent so many years courting you. And this is what I get? A useless person … a nobody gets you easily and I end looking like a fool? Do you know what kind of embarrassment I got after your relationship with Max was exposed to the public? My friends constantly made a laughing stock out of me. All my business associates who knew I was courting you even made jokes that I was already too old and you were better off with someone younger. Do you know how hurtful that was to my pride and reputation? Do you think I can let you off so easily?” Norman said with a crazy look in his eyes.

Fate instantly felt fear after seeing the strange reaction that Norman had on his face. “You’re sick! I think you should see a doctor,” she tried to hide her fear and put on a brave face.

“See a doctor? Like the ones you went to?” Norman said with a wicked smile. He then started to mock Fate. “Help me to decide… will you? What kind of a doctor should I visit first? A doctor where I can consult about my past aborted child… or my sudden insanity… or better yet about my inability to bear children? What do you think?” he asked with a laugh.

Fate was stunned. Her whole body shivered. “How? How … did you know?” she managed to ask out loud.

“Nothing can be kept a secret… especially if money can make people talk,” Norman replied.

Fate felt hot tears were trying to escape her eyes, but she still tried to keep them in…

“You’re a monster. So what if you know… I don’t care. You want to scatter the news about me? Be my guest… I don’t care and I am not afraid,” she uttered with anger.

Norman laughed. “Are you sure? Are you thinking straight? What do you think will happen when the news about you being pregnant and having a sudden abortion because of an accident…. suddenly broke out… Do you think Max’s fans will accept it? He will surely be blamed by everyone. Poor guy! Don’t you know Japanese fans will surely condemn him and put all the blame on him especially when the news about you going into a mental institution broke out… They will surely pity you and hate him…” he said with a loud laugh. “And then after all the scandal fades out… your beloved Max will be left without a career and his friends will surely be affected as well. What a pity!”

“God… you’ve really thought about this haven’t you? You’re blackmailing me with this?” Fate asked out loud.

“Yes! And honestly, it’s quite fun and entertaining to do so. Because no matter which way I took or decide on, I will always end up being the winner,” Norman answered coldly.

“All this evil plans just to get me? Aren’t you even concerned about the last part you stated yourself… I… I can’t bear anymore children… It was the main reason why I couldn’t go back to Max even if I wanted to… and why I just decided to commit suicide…. I feel so useless right now… It’s like my sense of being a woman is already gone. What is a woman if she can’t bring a child into this world…” Fate said as her voice suddenly softened.

“Like I said before… what I want… I always get. I had always wanted you… Children? Who needs them? I can have a child with any woman, anytime I want. Your condition doesn’t bother me at all,” Norman uttered.

Fate looked at Norman. “So you’re willing to accept me?”

Norman smiled. “I will accept you anytime… any day… I have never been this crazy about a woman before… And I assure you, I will certainly take care of you, not like the way that foolish Max did.”

“But I don’t love you Norman…” Fate uttered.

“Love? It’s just a word… A simple word that can be taught and forgotten… So who cares…” Norman uttered with a maddening laugh. “The only thing I need is your word that you will be my wife and you will always stay by my side.”

Fate lowered her head. “If I say yes, promise me… you won’t let the news about what happened to me get to the press… especially my physical condition?”

Norman smiled. “I promise… “

Fate stared at him again. She was somehow making sure. “Michael and even my father don’t know about my condition and I want it to stay that way…”

“I will never say a word… provided you give me what I want,” Norman replied.

Fate lowered her head as a sign of defeat. “Fine, I will marry you. Just promise me, you will leave Max alone and keep my secret.”

An evil smile appeared on Norman’s lips…. “I promise.”

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35[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 3rd March 2010, 7:00 pm


Fate was quietly looking outside the window in the living when….

“Fate . . .” a voice softly uttered which suddenly made her turned around with fright.

“M… Max…” she nervously uttered. “Why… Why are you here?” she asked as different emotions quickly raced into her heart.

As Max slowly moved closer, she somehow wanted to just ran away and leave. All her fears suddenly made her into a coward again.

“Why are you here? Who let you in?” Fate asked again this time with a much higher tone.

Max sadly smiled at her. “Is that your way of greeting me… after being away for so long? I missed you.”

Fate felt like her heart had instantly stopped with the last three words that Max said. She was immediately made speechless by those words. She missed him badly as well. And it was too painful for her as she realized that she can never go back to him..

Max was already standing right in front of Fate when he slowly reached out and gently caressed her left cheek. It was the usual gesture that he always makes before he greets her. “Hello… Fate,” he said with a sad tone in his voice.

Fate couldn’t stop herself from staring straight into Max’s eyes. The longing and sadness were all so visible and it was shattering her heart into pieces.

“Max…” she suddenly uttered his name.

Within seconds, Max quickly drew Max into his arms.

“I missed you,” he again uttered like he was about to cry.

Fate stood like a frozen statue as Max tightly held her in his arms. Her mind was telling her to break free from his embrace, but her heart was also telling her that it is where she truly belonged.

“Why? Why did you leave me? I know I was a fool! And I’m sorry for all the bad things that I did to you. I… I was jealous and so consumed by anger that I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t see the truth,” he tried to explain. “Please forgive me, Fate…. Please let me make it up to you.”

Fate didn’t know what to say. Somehow she wanted to just forget everything that had happened and pretend that there were no problems in their lives. She wanted to pretend that she was free to love just like before.

“Fate, please forgive me. Please…. come back to me,” Max uttered as he slowly released Fate and went down on his knees.

“Max, what are you doing?” Fate suddenly asked out loud. She tried to make Max stand up again, but he just kept on kneeling down in front of her with his head bent down.

“Please don’t marry, Norman. I want you back. I need you. I still love you… I am willing to do anything you say just promise me… you’ll return to me. Please,” Max continued to beg.

Fate felt like her heart was slowly being crushed. She never imagined that Max would do something so degrading to himself just to ask her forgiveness. It was hurting her to see him in such a situation.

“Max, I forgive you. I already forgave you a long time ago. So you don’t need to do this…” she said in a tone like she was about to cry as well.

Max quickly hugged Fate as he knelt down. “If you really forgave me, then come back to me. Let’s go back to Japan. Then… then… let’s start all over again,” he said as his hold on her tightened.

Fate bit her lower lip to stop herself from bursting into tears. She needed to control her feelings. She needed to lie for everyone’s sake.

“Max, I’m sorry… but it’s all over. We can’t go back to the same way we used to be. Things have changed and there are a lot of complications now. So I’m sorry. But you will need to let me go,” she said as her voice quivered continuously.

“No, I will never let you go. I… I just thought that you needed some time to be alone. That’s why I didn’t go after for you. I decided to give you enough time to heal yourself. I thought that … that… Aaahhh! I can’t let you go. I won’t let you marry Norman. You’re mine, Fate! I love you and I know you love me too. Please come with me… Let’s start again… I promise I will change and make it up to you. I promise I will never hurt you again,” Max said as he finally cried and his body trembled as he sobbed.

One by one, Fate’s tears started to fall. She wanted to say that she was willing to start all over. But Norman’s threats wouldn’t leave her alone. She was afraid of all the consequences once she backed out of her agreement with Norman. She knew Max and the other members of DBSK would suffer greatly once Norman decides to ruin them.

With trembling hands she started to loosen herself from Max’s embrace. Then she started to move away from him.

Max was stunned and hurt. He looked at Fate with questioning eyes as he continued to kneel down.

“What’s wrong? Why? Don’t you love me anymore?” he asked out loud.

“I… I am sorry. But we can’t be together anymore. You just wasted your time coming here. Go back! Just pretend that you never met me… and I will just do the same,” Fate uttered as tears continuously fell from her eyes.

Max quickly stood up and he tried to hold Fate’s hands, but she avoided him and moved farther away from him.

“Stop it Max! It’s over! Can’t you understand? We’re finish. What we had before is already in the past. We can never go back…. You have already hurt me in a way that the scar will never heal. I think parting ways is the best for us. You can concentrate on your career and fans. I can go back to racing and face a new and happy married life with Norman,” Fate started to say.

“No! You can’t marry him. I am sorry. Please let’s start all over,” Max begged continuously as if he was going mad.

Fate shook her head. “I don’t think we can ever work out Max… Even from the start, we already had so many problems. I tried to hold on and stay strong because I loved you. But you just took everything for granted. You were selfish. You never even considered how I was feeling or what I was going through. Do you know how many times, I just kept on dreaming that you would suddenly come to me and say that everything would be all right? But it never happened. You just took care of your own hurt feelings. And you just kept on hurting me more and more. So I guess it’s just fair that this time. I think about my own feelings and take a different path, a path away from you. Yes, I have forgiven you… but the pain is still here in my heart. No matter how many times you say sorry… it won’t bring back the life of our child. So forgive me…But let’s just move on and live like we never met. I don’t think I can live my life with you by my side. Just looking at you…. makes me sick and remember all the pain and especially my poor baby… I can’t go back to you, Max. I don’t think I have the strength to do so. I am sorry…” she said as she slowly turned and started to walk away.

“I love you… Can’t you forgive me?” Max cried out.

Fate suddenly stopped walking. “Not anymore… my love for you was something I had forgotten the moment my child died,” she coldly uttered before she finally walked away and went straight to her room.

Max slowly fell down on his knees and started to weep uncontrollably. He couldn’t believe what he heard. He couldn’t believe that Fate could no longer be with him.

“Aaaaaahhhh!!!” Max cried out. He hated himself so much that he wanted to just die. He was the one to blame for everything that happened. Everything was his fault. And now he could no longer be with the only woman he ever loved. He was a fool, a coward and a bastard. Fate was right. He didn’t deserve to be with her again. She deserved someone better… someone who wouldn’t hurt her… someone who would take care of her no matter what happens. She needed a new life… a life without him.

Inside Fate’s room…

Fate cried continuously too… “Sorry Max, but I have to do this, for your sake and your friends as well. Please be happy, Max… And even though I am already in another man’s arms… you will still be the only one in my heart. I love you, Max. I will be praying for you everyday”

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36[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 3rd March 2010, 7:02 pm


Norman has just arrived and was already on his way to his meeting with some of his friends when…

“Norman,” a man had suddenly appeared and blocked his way.

“Max… what a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you?” Norman asked in a teasing manner.

Norman’s bodyguards were already beside Max and were ready to move when Norman signaled them to move away.

“What do you want Max? This isn’t the proper place to start a fight. It will be both bad for the two of us,” he said in a mocking manner.

Max’s face was dim and obviously full of anger. “What have you done to Fate?” he asked with a serious tone in his voice.

“Straight to the point! I admire that in a man. But sadly it is also something I don’t tolerate,” Norman uttered.

“What did you do to Fate?” Max repeated in a more threatening voice.

Norman looked around at the people staring at them. They were in the lobby of a very famous hotel.

“If you’re planning to make a scene here, I suggest you think twice. I don’t have any intention of being in tomorrow’s newspaper,” Norman warned.

Max looked straight into Norman’s eyes. “You don’t? Well I do! Being on the headline news is nothing new to me… whether good or bad is still news. Don’t you think so?” he said with a frightening look in his eyes.

Norman again looked around. “We can talk upstairs… follow me,” he uttered as he walked passed by Max.


Ten minutes later…. Max was finally alone with Norman.

“Now we can talk. Here you can do and say whatever you want,” Norman said as he sat down on the long couch facing Max. “So?” he asked with a mocking smile.

“I want you to set Fate free. She doesn’t belong to you,” Max said straight away.

Norman looked at Max. Then he let out a long laugh before speaking again. “Set her free? Why? Tell me one good reason why I should do that?”

“Because she doesn’t love you… she loves me,” Max replied immediately.

“Love you? Am I hearing it right? Or am I starting to have hearing problems?” Norman said with a wicked smile on his face.

“Just set her free! She can’t marry you! What did you do to her? Why is she suddenly getting married with you? Tell me! What did you do to her?” Max asked out loud.

Norman looked at Max’s angry face. “So now you’re suddenly concerned about her? Tell me, what do you think gives you the right to come back into her life?”

Max suddenly stopped. His anger immediately disappeared and he quickly lowered his head in embarrassment. “I… I… I know I have done many stupid things, but I love her. It’s the only reason I can give you.”

“Love? No… I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s a good enough reason, especially when the love you’re talking about is the main reason why you hurt Fate in the first place,” Norman quickly replied that crushed Max’s courage.

Max shook his head. He then sighed. “Don’t you think you’re already too late? You have already given her so many heartaches and you have totally ruined her life. Do you even know what she went through after the two of you got separated? While you were passing the time, enjoying your life as a superstar… she had withdrawn from the outside world. She stopped racing, even though it is her first love… her life.”

“I… I just wanted to give her enough time to heal and to think,” Max tried to explain.

“Such a foolish reason! Do you know she got sick after she left you? Did you know that she even tried to commit suicide?” Norman suddenly decided to reveal everything to see Max’s reaction.

Max instantly looked straight at him. “What?” he somehow couldn’t believe what he heard.

“You heard me… she tried to commit suicide. She got sick and was sent to a private institution to be treated. Is it too shocking? So now tell me… how come you don’t know such important details. If you truly loved her, you should have known about those things…. You should have been beside her during those times she was hurting. So now, can you answer me this one simple question… What gives you the right to have her back?” Norman coldly uttered.

Max was totally blown away with Norman’s revelations. He suddenly lost all the things that he wanted to say. He was left speechless and unable to think clearly.

Norman shook his head again. “See! You can’t answer me, can you? I admit… she doesn’t love me. But I swear to God, I love her more than my own life. I may act cold and may seem like the devil in everyone’s eyes… but I would do everything to protect her and to take care of her. I already stopped chasing her after she decided to be with you because I wanted to give her what she wanted. I wanted her to be happy. If I had known, that you were just going to destroy her, I would have already stepped in and I would have already taken her away from you.”

“Please… I want another chance,” Max begged.

“Another chance? You’re not worthy to have another chance. You should be the one to let go. Think Max…. Do you really think you can give Fate the things she needs? Do you think she will be happy with you? What happens after you have stopped singing? What kind of job will you get? And after you’ve returned to the life of a normal person, will you be able to maintain Fate’s luxurious life? How will you give her the kind of life she’s used to? Think! You won’t be able to keep someone like Fate happy… not unless you’re very rich like me. I, on the other hand, can surely provide her with all the things she will need, in order to live a comfortable life. While you… you’re just relying on your current career as a singer. You’re nothing compared with me,” Norman said with such arrogance and cold tone.

Max looked away. He knew Norman was right. But he truly loved Fate and he was willing to do anything just to have her back.

“I love her and I will do anything just to have her back,” he bravely said out loud as he stared at Norman.

Norman clapped his hands. “Quite a brave guy, I see… Sadly even if you say you love her a million times… I won’t give her back to you. So I suggest you just leave and forget about her.”

“No! I won’t stop until she’s with me again,” Max replied with such determination in his eyes.

Norman smiled. “Good luck in trying! Let’s just see who will win this time…” he said as he slowly stood up and started to walk straight to the door.

Max felt like his whole was slowly crumbling down. He was already thinking of how he was going to go against someone like Norman. He knew his chances were pretty small. But his love for Fate was still giving him strength.

“Oh… before I forget…. You have to win her back before Sunday. We’re getting married on Sunday morning … in Japan. So you better work fast, if you really want to have her back,” Norman said with a laugh, and then he quickly left the room.


Norman was already standing out of the room when he suddenly shook his head. He couldn’t believe he just allowed Max to have another chance to get Fate back. “I am really going crazy,” he uttered to himself. He then sighed heavily. He knew the final race to Fate’s heart had just begun…

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37[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 10th April 2010, 3:56 am


“Why are you being so silent?” Norman asked as he stared at Fate. They were having dinner in the most expensive hotel in Japan.

Fate stopped eating and gave him a quick glance before continuing eating. Somehow she didn’t have anything to say so she just kept silent.

“Did something happen to your tongue? Or did you suddenly lose your voice?” Norman asked, this time in a teasing manner.

“Are you trying to act dumb or what?” Fate asked in a mocking manner. She then gave Norman a cold stare.

“Ouch! You’re really ready to bite! How come you haven’t lost your feisty side? You know you should be good to me… or else…” Norman quickly stopped talking and smiled as if something had entered his mind.

“Or else what? Are you going to blackmail me again? Aren’t you tired already? I already agreed to marry you… what else do you want?” Fate asked in a raised tone.

Norman laughed. “Relax. I was just trying to start a conversation and you’re already on a defensive mode. Can’t we just return to our normal life before? Can’t you treat me the way you used to? Can’t you be nice to me?” he asked with a hurt look in his eyes that he immediately tried to hide.

Fate suddenly stopped glaring at the man in front of her. Somehow her heart was pinched and unexpectedly felt a small amount of pity for him. Her stare softened and she just decided to lower her head before speaking again. “I really don’t know how to act around you Norman. Somehow… what you did has totally changed the way I look at you. So you can’t really expect me to be friendly and you can’t expect me to just forget everything and pretend that nothing happened. You’re forcing me to marry you… and you’re doing it in the most despicable way.”

Norman didn’t know what to say in return. His heart was feeling heavy with grief and sadness. He had never loved any woman before, the way he had loved Fate. And the way she was treating him was slowly killing him inside. Yes, he wanted to have her. And he knew what he did was going to ruin the way she respects him forever. But it was the only way he knew how so he could have her.

Again felt pity for Norman as she silently looked at him. “Why did you choose to get married here Norman? Why? We can get married in Australia, in Germany… why here?” she suddenly asked with a soft voice. Somehow she wanted to know.

Norman looked up and met her stare. “I wanted to…” he suddenly stopped talking. He didn’t have the strength to continue what was on his mind.

“You wanted… what?” Fate asked again.

Norman shook his head and smiled bitterly. “I really can’t say what is going on in my mind when I chose to get married here. But… what I am doing is for you… Please believe me when I say… I just want to make you happy. So just try to follow all my plans. And I believe… everything will soon turn out okay,” he said in the most honest way.

Fate felt the sincerity in his answer. She couldn’t help but smile. Somehow she again saw the same old Norman that she had met before. “Norman… I don’t know what you’re planning. But I hope you will try to see what is right and what is wrong.”

He smiled back at her. “We have a few days left before our wedding… Do you think you can be nice to me… again… even if it is for the last time?”he asked with sadness in his eyes.

Fate couldn’t explain what was happening. She was totally confused with the way Norman was acting. “What is happening to you?” she couldn’t help but ask.

Again he smiled with a hurt look in his eyes that was making Fate feel sad and a bit guilty.

“God, why am I feeling this way? I have the right to be mad, but why is it that I feel like I am doing something wrong? Why is he sad? Is he sad because he’s marrying me?” Fate asked herself.

Norman tried to pretend that he was eating but somehow he couldn’t swallow the food that he had placed inside his mouth. It was like something was stuck in his throat. At that exact moment, how he wished that he was Max. He was willing to trade everything he had to be the one that Fate loved. He wanted to cry. But he couldn’t. He needed to act like he was in control. No one has ever made him cry in his entire life. And he certainly wasn’t going to cry now… just because of a woman.

“Norman…” Fate uttered slowly. She had already noticed the unexplainable expression on his face. She knew there was something wrong. And even though she was angry with him, she still couldn’t deny the fact that she was concerned about him. There was still a soft spot in her heart that was caring for the man who had been her friend for so many years.

Norman looked straight at her. Their eyes met, and at that unexpected moment… Fate saw the real Norman, the man who loved her with all his heart.

“Can you pretend to love me even if for just a few days? Can you do that please?” he begged.

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“What are we doing here Norman?” Fate asked. She was now looking at a large mansion with a breathtaking view. It had a large and captivating garden that easily caught Fate’s interest.

Norman quickly took Fate’s hand and carefully guided her into the garden. “I want you see this place… before we get married so you will know I am not that bad. I had this place fully designed according to your liking. I knew you loved flowers and you liked having a large garden. So I specifically had this made just for you,” he said with a smile.

Fate looked around at the garden she was in. The place was totally beautiful. And Norman was right. The entire garden was really according to her taste. And somehow she couldn’t help but feel touched with Norman’s gesture.

“Thank you for thinking about what I would like… but…” she suddenly stopped talking. She quickly decided not to continue what was on her mind. She didn’t want to hurt him.

Norman saw the mixed emotions on Fate’s face. “You know, maybe you can start learning to treat me like a friend again. I really don’t mean any harm. I know I have been selfish and arrogant and I even went to extreme methods just to get close to you. But I only did it because I love you. And now that we’re getting married… maybe we should start from the very beginning. Let’s just forget about everything. Let’s pretend we haven’t encountered those problems that are separating us now. Let’s pretend to be friends…”

Fate sighed. She knew Norman had a point. It was useless to keep on fighting. She had already agreed. And somehow she was thinking that it was really for everyone’s good that she just let go and accept everything. She should forget about Max and try to move on with her new life. She didn’t deserve him in the first place. And trying to hold on to him and to his memories would only hurt her more and would eventually cause more trouble for Max.

She then remembered her baby. “My poor baby,” she uttered in her mind. “I hope you’re happy wherever you are… “

Norman noticed the sudden change in Fate’s mood. “You’re thinking about your baby again. Please just stop. Your baby is already in a good place. You should just let her rest in peace. Don’t try to keep on holding to her memory to the point that it’s already disturbing your life. I am sorry. But I just don’t want to see you go through another depression mode again. I am just concerned about you.”

Fate smiled. “Thank you. I know what you’re saying is right. And don’t worry, I think I already learned how to let go of my baby. But you really can’t blame me if every now and then I still remember her. There are times I would just wonder if things turned out differently and she was born… I was thinking what she would look like, or would she be a girl like I always imagined her to be or a boy, and I also I can’t stop but daydream that I am playing with her. I am carrying her in my arms and singing her a lullaby.”

“You know, there is still a chance that you can bear another child. We can go to another country and ask for other doctors’ opinions. You don’t have to stop just because a few doctors said you will never have a child again. We can look for more doctors who can take care of you… Maybe they can help you and maybe they can cure you,” Norman said with a serious tone. He was now telling everything that was on his mind.

Fate looked straight at Norman. “Why is it that I feel like you’re acting strange today? What is happening? Why have you changed again? Just a few days ago, you were the man I hated the most. And now, honestly… I am starting to see you like the way I use to. You’re acting like the same old Norman I used to know before. I know I should be happy, but I am really confused. Why are you being so nice all of a sudden?”

Norman lightly laughed. “Shouldn’t you be happy that I am being nice again? Let’s just say, I am just letting you see the real me for the last time.”

“Last time? What do you mean?” Fate asked curiously.

Norman instantly looked away. “Nothing… Just forget about what I said.”


“Max, they are already here in Japan,” Michael said as he sat down with a glass of wine in his hands. They were in his hotel room, together with the other DBSK boys.

“What are you planning to do now?” Micky quickly asked Max.

Max then looked at his friend and shook his head. “Honestly I don’t know. The only thing I know is that I will do everything just to have her back. I will certainly do everything I can to stop her wedding with Norman,” he answered seriously.

“You should think fast Max, their wedding is just a few days away. Right now, I am really confused on why Norman actually let you have a chance to have Fate back. I mean, he could have chosen to have their wedding somewhere else… somewhere far from you. And to think, he said himself that he’s allowing you to try and win her back is really quite strange to me. Is it just me or is Norman getting soft?” Yunho voiced out his opinion.

“Yunho’s right. Norman is really acting weird. But at least it is to your advantage. You just have to think of a way to win back Fate again and everything should be okay,” Micky added.

“By the way, Michael… have you found out anything from the people that you sent out to investigate?” Jaejoong asked.

“That’s the main reason why I called you guys… I needed to tell you about what I learned,” Michael answered with a serious tone in his voice.

“What is it?” Max quickly asked.

“Based on what I learned, it seems Norman made a bet with some of his buddies. And the bet involves Fate,” Michael started to tell everything he knew.

“It involves Fate? How?” Xiah asked.

“Well Norman and his friends made a bet on whether Norman will get Fate as his girlfriend or not. But since Fate and Max’s relationship came out, Norman lost on his bet. But now that his wedding to Fate is already announced and all, it seems his bet with his friends finally turned. Based on what I heard, his friends already returned the money they got from him and already paid him the amount they agreed upon,” Michael continued.

“So you’re saying Norman is just marrying Fate because of a stupid bet? Is that it? How can he be so heartless?” Jaejoong asked, quite mad.

Michael nodded his head and continued. “It’s not only about the money. I already talked to one of his friends. And they already told me something quite important. Just like what I thought, Norman is really in love with Fate. And he didn’t really care about the bet… At first, it was just a game to him. But as time moved on, he became really serious with her. Norman’s friend also told me that Norman didn’t really accept the money they owed him because of the bet. Somehow he decided to just drop the bet deal.”

“So he’s actually being nice now huh?” Xiah asked.

“Nice? I don’t think so. His friend also told me something interesting. It seems that during one of their drinking sessions. Norman made the mistake of telling his friends on how he actually got Fate to agree to their wedding…” Michael finally revealed.

“What? How?” Max asked.

Michael drew in a deep breath before finally speaking. “Norman blackmailed Fate. He told her that if she didn’t marry him, he will leak a news about Max and Fate’s unfortunate incident. He also said that the news about Max’s cruelty to Fate that resulted to the death of their baby will surely destroy Max’s career. This threat made Fate immediately say yes to his wedding proposal,” Michael said.

“Why that totally no good…” Max uttered with so much anger.

Jaejoong quickly tapped his friend’s shoulder as if to calm him down. “Relax, Max. Being angry now, won’t do any good. What you have to do now is find a way to free Fate from Norman.”

“What a totally evil man. Imagine using blackmail, just to get a girl,” Micky uttered as he continuously shook his head in disapproval.

“I will surely get Fate back. I will never let him have her… I would die first before that happens,” Max uttered.

“Well do you have any plans on how to do it?” Xiah asked curiously.

Max’s face suddenly dimmed. Somehow he didn’t like the idea that was running in his mind. But he knew it was the only way… A sacrifice had to be made….

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39[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th August 2010, 4:32 pm


Fate slowly entered the shopping mall with a feeling of uneasiness. Norman allowed her to go out on her own. And somehow she was already feeling that something was wrong. She was already asking herself why Norman was suddenly being nice and was actually letting her have some freedom.

She sighed heavily. “Maybe he’s just feeling guilty all of a sudden,” the thought quickly rushed into her mind. She then started to look around. “Maybe he just sent someone to look after me secretly,” she then thought again. She then lightly laughed. “I am beginning to be paranoid.”

She had already bought several items when something caught her attention. It was a light blue baby dress. It was like a knife instantly struck her heart. A very deep and numbing pain filled her whole body. She immediately turned away and tried to forget what she saw. But a small voice was somehow echoing in the back of her mind.

Tears quickly formed in her eyes, and she rushed out of the shopping mall. But before she could call for a taxi, a familiar car suddenly stopped in front of her.

“Get in… please,” the man inside the car said as if begging.

Fate looked at the man and was about to turn away when…

“Get in! I need to talk to you. If you don’t talk to me, I will do something both of us will surely regret in the end,” the man said again with a more forceful voice.

Fate couldn’t help but look at the man again. She instantly saw the desperation and she quickly knew that he wasn’t lying. So she quietly got into the car just to avoid any problems.

“What do you want Max?” Fate uttered quickly as soon as she was inside the car. Somehow she didn’t have any plans of talking to him longer than needed.

“Why are you still so cold to me?” Max asked with a low voice.

Fate couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “Now you’re asking me such a question? Don’t you think you got it all wrong? You were the one who acted so coldly before. And you did it because of all the wrong reasons. You know I still can’t forget how you treated me. So don’t go acting so sweet and nice on me because it won’t work.”

Max felt like something suddenly got stuck in his throat. He knew that Fate had a reason to hate him. But he was still going to try to win her back, no matter how hard it was.

“Look, I want to talk to you… I heard you’re getting married in a few days. Please let me talk to you… even if it’s the last time. I know you can’t forgive all the horrible things I did to you. But please just let me have some time to explain and to ask for your forgiveness,” Max uttered while still trying to concentrate on driving.

Fate looked straight at the road they were going. “Where are you taking me?” she suddenly asked.

“Somewhere… don’t worry. I won’t do anything stupid. Just like what I said before. I just want to talk to you. So please just give me some time, please hear me out. I really want to clear out a few things before… before…” Max stopped talking. He couldn’t continue what he was supposed to say.

“Before I get married and I finally get you out of my life?” Fate said sarcastically.

Max felt a sharp pain in his heart. His sweet Fate has changed. And he was the one to blame. He knew he had totally destroyed the life of the only woman he had loved.

“Can’t you even try to be civil with me? Am I that repulsive now in your eyes?” Max asked suddenly.

Fate suddenly felt pity for the man sitting beside her. She still loved him, but there was a big wall between them now. A wall that wasn’t easy to get over.

“Please Max, just forget everything that happened. I am already trying to move on. So you should also do the same. It’s not only for my sake, but also for your own sake as well… and for everyone’s sake. Just find a new girl, and forget that you ever met me,” Fate tried to say even though her words were like knives that were cutting her slowly.

“I have a surprise for you,” Max suddenly said, as if trying to change their topic.

“Surprise?” Fate asked, quite surprised. She knew that Max was acting very weird and somehow she was getting worried.

“I need to go back Max. Please stop the car,” Fate uttered with a low voice.

But he just kept on driving as if he didn’t hear anything, somehow his mind was somewhere else.

“Max, please let me go back. What’s wrong with you?” Fate asked with worry. It was only then she noticed the smell of liquor around Max. “You’re drunk?”

Max smiled bitterly. “So now you notice,” he said as he suddenly laughed in a mocking manner.

“You’re getting yourself drunk now? Don’t you even care about your reputation anymore? What if the media finds you drinking in a bar and suddenly takes your picture again? Aren’t you concerned that your actions will surely affect your friends too?” Fate started to lecture Max.

“I really don’t care about what the others think. All I care about is you,” Max replied.

Fate suddenly didn’t know what to say next. Somehow she was lost for words. “Where are we going Max?” she then repeated.

Max just stared straight at the road again. He was acting like he wasn’t hearing what she was saying.

“Max, I need to go home now!” Fate shouted. She was already feeling nervous with the way Max was acting.

“Just relax. I just want to show you something. Can’t you at least trust me?” Max said with a hurt tone in his voice.

Fate felt a sharp pain in her heart and somehow she pitied the man sitting beside her. She slowly looked at him. If only she could hold his face like the way she used to. How she wished she could still hold him in her arms and caress his hair whenever they were close to each other. She quickly turned away. She didn’t want to remember those thoughts. She needed to forget. She needed to pretend that she was already moving on. She needed to hurt him in order to save him.

She then stared out of the window of the car. Somehow the place was starting to look familiar. It was then something suddenly made sense….

“We’re going to the race track?” Fate asked curiously.

Max couldn’t help but smile. “I just want to bring you to a very special place. And somehow the race track is the only thing that comes into my mind.”

Fate slowly looked at him. “Why Max? It’s over. We can no longer get back what we have already lost. Let’s just stop before we end up hurting each other again. I already forgot about what happened. Please don’t make me remember them again. It’s too painful. Can you please just let me go?”

Max bit on his lower lip. Somehow he didn’t expect to hear those words from Fate. He was hoping that she would forgive him and give him another chance.

“Are… are you really sure that you want to forget… about us? Are you sure you want to forget me?” he asked with a quivering voice.

Fate closed her eyes. She didn’t want him to see what she was really feeling. “Oh Max… if I can only hold you once again… Do you know how much I miss you? Do you have any idea how long I have been dreaming of being close to you again? Can’t you feel the longing in my voice?” she couldn’t stop herself from thinking all those things.

“We’re here,” Max said as he slowly parked the car.

Fate opened her eyes again. And this time she looked straight at him.

“What do you want Max? I am already getting married in a few days. Can’t you just be happy for me? Can’t you give me what I want? I don’t love you anymore. So please just leave me alone. You don’t have to bring me here so that I can remember our past. Honestly I would rather forget the past than remember it. Because no matter what I do, when I see you… I remember the child I lost. And somehow I can never forgive you. Even if my heart and my mind keeps telling me that I already forgave you… there is still that small part of me that always hates you. So you see… there is nothing else to return to. The love you’re trying to get back is no longer there. Please… for everyone’s sake, just let me go back. I no longer belong to you. You should just find another girl….” Fate suddenly stopped talking. Somehow it was quite difficult for her to say the words that she wanted to say.

Max shook his head. “I can never let you go. I know I was a fool when I did those things. And I admit I was wrong. But everyone deserves a second chance. Why can’t you just give me another chance? I am really sorry for all the wrong things that I have done. Just tell me what you want so you can forgive me and I will do it immediately. Tell me… please…” he begged.

Fate felt her heart had suddenly felt heavy. She quickly got out of the car and was about to walk away when Max suddenly grabbed her by the arm and embraced her tight.

“I love you Fate. Please… let’s start all over again. I don’t think I can live without you. So please come back to me. I promise, this time I will take good care of you. And I will never hurt you again. Please… please say you will take me back…” Max said with the most pitiful voice.

The familiar scent of Max’s favorite cologne made Fate’s heart skip a beat. She was so close to him now that she could almost hear his heart beat. And it was making all her senses go wild. She tried to push Max away. But he just kept on holding her tighter.

“Max, please let me go!” she shouted.

“No! I promised myself that I will never let you go once I have you in my arms again. And I plan to do whatever it takes to keep that promise…“

And with those words, Max quickly placed a wet handkerchief over Fate’s face. After a few minutes, he carefully placed the unconscious Fate back into the car. He knew what he did was the worst of all the things that he had done. But he had no choice. He knew that he couldn’t convince Fate to return to him, so he had to do it. He had to do something even if it meant doing something bad.

“I am sorry Fate. But I can’t lose you. I won’t let another man take you away from me…”

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40[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th October 2013, 9:12 pm


“Good morning,” a familiar voice softly greeted Fate as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Max, what happened? Why am I here?” she asked as she quickly got out of bed.

Max smiled as if he wasn’t seeing the distress in her eyes. “What do you mean? You’re home, here with me,” he answered that sent a frightening chill over Fate’s entire body.

“Are you going mad? I don’t like you anymore. Why are you forcing me to accept you again? Why can’t you just accept my decision and move on with your life, the same way I did with mine…” she voiced out while trying to act like she was angry.

Max chuckled as if mocking her. “Do you really think that I would believe your words? Maybe you should try to act more convincing before you say those words again.”

Fate sighed. Then she went straight to the door and left the room. The house was quite large, she thought. She immediately tried to find the way out. But to her dismay, the only door out of the house was locked. She then tried to look at the windows. She was totally shocked after seeing that all the windows were totally boarded up as well. Fear instantly appeared in her heart.

“You can’t get out of this house, not unless you find the key to the door… which I doubt it you would,” Max uttered as he slowly walked behind her.

Fate turned around to face him. “What are you planning Max? You can’t keep me locked up. I am getting married for god’s sake!” she screamed.

Max smiled with a frightening look in his eyes. “Which is why I am keeping you here. Do you really think that I would allow you to get married to that guy? I am the one who loves you. So you should marry me… NOT HIM!” he shouted back with anger in his eyes.

Fate suddenly backed away. She was getting scared already. Max was acting like he was losing his sanity. She then started to cry. She didn’t want to see Max like this. She didn’t want to see him lose himself like the way she did months ago.

“What have I done to you Max? Why are you like this? Why? Why?” she kept on repeating as she cried hard.

Max’s anger somehow ceased after seeing that Fate was crying and trembling terribly. He quickly took her into his arms. He lovingly embraced her while she continued to cry. “I… I am sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you. I told you that I would never be mean to you again. So please forgive me. I was just so angry. I was thinking that I was already by your side but you still want to be with another man. Why can’t we just return where we were before? I promise this time I would take good care of you,” he said as he continuously caressed her back as if to make her stop crying.

Fate felt the sincerity in his voice that the fear quickly disappeared. “Max, I really can’t. Can’t you just accept this is the end of our relationship? Even if you still want to continue it, there are so many people involved now. They will surely get affected too.”

Max sighed. “You don’t have to marry Norman just to protect me and my friends. We can take care of ourselves. We already faced so many problems and scandals before. I don’t think another one will be enough to destroy our career.”

Fate immediately drew away and stared at him. “How? How did you know about it?” she asked.

“Is it really important how I knew about it? Isn’t the important thing is that you don’t have to do it just to save me. I don’t want you to marry him. So just stay here with me,” Max with a soft voice.

Fate shook her head. “You don’t know Norman. He might do something bad to your friends if I don’t appear on our wedding day. I am scared of what he might do to you and your friends. And even if you say that Norman can’t harm you. I am sure he can. He is a very powerful man. He can do lots of things that we can never imagine,” she said with fear in her eyes.

Max smiled. “It’s okay. You don’t have to be scared of him. Honestly I am willing to trade anything just to have you back. So if he wants to destroy my career, I really don’t care.”

“What about Jaejoong and the others? They are your friends. They will surely be affected too. Norman will surely destroy them too. Don’t you even care about them?” Fate said angrily.

“They already know the situation I am in right now. So I think if Norman really does something bad to them, they will be prepared as well,” Max replied.

“I know you’re doing the wrong thing… but…” she was about to continue.

Max had moved closer and he placed his finger on her lips to stop her from talking. “Sshhh… Just forget about all your worries. I will take care of them all. Just rest Fate. I know you’re already very tired from running away. So please just rest, rest your mind… and rest your heart,” he said as he looked straight into her eyes.

Fate’s eyes softened. She could feel the love that was showing in Max’s eyes. How she missed looking at him with loving eyes. How she missed being so close to him. How she missed his scent, his voice, his touch… She missed everything about him.

She then slowly closed her eyes. Yes, she was already tired. “Is it really okay to rest?” she was asking herself.

And as if Max heard her thought, he gently whispered something in her ear. “Rest Fate. I will be here to take care of you.”

Fate knew what she was thinking was wrong but she really wanted to rest for a while. “Maybe it won’t hurt to just stop and forget for a while. Maybe I can just drop everything and try to enjoy some stolen moments. Maybe I can try to share one last memory with Max, before…”

Max held Fate tighter. He was very happy that Fate had somehow stopped resisting. It seems his words already convinced her to change her mind. “I promise I will take care of you,” he uttered as he lovingly kissed her forehead.

Fate closed her eyes. “God, please forgive me. I am going to be selfish for just a day or two. I really want to be with him again. Please give me the strength to leave him again when the right time comes,” she prayed silently as tears started to run down her cheeks.





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41[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th October 2013, 9:13 pm


As Fate slowly opened her eyes, somehow she still couldn’t believe that the man he was dreaming of almost every night was finally sleeping beside her. She carefully faced him and started to memorize his face. She slowly smiled and started to play around with his eyelashes. Then after a few minutes, she suddenly stopped and then using her finger, she started to trace his nose instead. She was so captivated by his perfect face that she suddenly felt curious and insecure.

“Hmmm, how come you have longer eyelashes than me?” she asked in a low voice, while staring at the man sleeping beside her. “All girls should have long eyelashes. So how come I only have average eyelashes and yours is longer and so beautiful?” she uttered to herself.

Suddenly Max opened his eyes and stared straight into her eyes. “Who said your eyelashes aren’t beautiful?” he asked with a sweet smile.

Fate’s heart somehow skipped a beat. “Sorry, did I wake you?” she asked in a low voice. She then started to move away from him. She couldn’t deny the fact that she was feeling very nervous and she was afraid that Max would see right through her façade.

But before she could move away, he had already moved closer to her instead and he quickly embraced her.

Fate like she couldn’t breathe. She was lying so close to Max that she could almost hear his heartbeat. Her own heart was already beating wildly. She knew that something was going to happen if she stayed longer in his arms.

“Max, please let me go,” she uttered in a trembling voice.

“Sshhh… let’s just stay here like this. I promise I won’t do anything. I just want to hold you in my arms. Do you know how happy I am right now? I feel like I am whole again. After you left, I have never been the same again. I am sorry if I have hurt you. I am sorry for all the things that I have done. I know I can never turn back the time and give you what you have lost. But please believe me when I say that I am willing to spend my whole life just to show you how sorry I am and how much I truly love you. I know I was a total fool when I did those things. I was stupid. I allowed my jealousy to control me and I didn’t believe in your love. I was blinded by my anger and I allowed our love to be destroyed by my foolish actions. Please give me another chance. I don’t know what I would do if you leave me again. Please believe me… I am really, really sorry… Please let me show you that I have changed. This time I will make sure that everything will be perfect. I promise I will never hurt you again,” he said as he started to cry.

Fate felt like her heart was being torn into pieces. She knew that Max was being sincere in everything he just said. But there was still that part of her now that he still didn’t know. ‘How could she tell him? Would he be able to understand and accept her after he learns the truth?’ Slowly a tear ran down her cheek. She didn’t want to cry but the sadness and longing in her heart was too unbearable.

“Why did everything end up like this Max? Why did everything change? Why…” she uttered as she cried as well.

Max lovingly kissed the forehead of the woman he was holding in his arms and he held her tighter. “I am sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have hurt you. I know you’re afraid to trust me again. But I am willing to do anything just to have you back. Just tell me what I need to do and I will surely do it. Just say it and I won’t even ask why.”

“Max, I… I really don’t know what to say. I am so confused. What about Norman?” she asked in between sobs.

“Norman can find another woman to love again. As for me, I have already surrendered my heart to only one woman. And if I don’t get her back, then I will live the rest of my life without a heart,” he answered.

Fate sighed. This is what she was afraid of. Her heart was already softening. All her defenses were already crumbling. The cold wall that she had put was already melting away as she stayed longer and longer in his arms.

“Max, many things have happened since the day that I left you. I am not the same Fate that you knew before. Would you still be able to accept me if you knew all the things that I have done and all the dark secrets that I have now?” she asked as she started to cry again.

Max drew in a deep breath before answering. Somehow his own tears were building again in his eyes. He didn’t want to cry, not until he had already said everything he needed to say.

“I love you Fate. I already fell in love with you the first time I saw you. And I loved you more, as time passed by. Then I finally gave my heart and soul to you when we made love. You’re the very first woman that I have given my heart to. That’s why I was so hurt and blinded when I thought that you were having a relationship with another man. Please forgive me. I was just a foolish guy who was so blinded by his love for you. You ask me if I will still love you even if I learn about the things that you have done? This is my answer… Yes, I will still love you. I don’t care about your past. What I care about is the future that we will make… together,” he spoke as tears finally ran down his face.

Fate like her heart was dying with the words Max was saying. “Max…”

Slowly Max lowered his head and started to search for Fate’s lips. And once their lips were already locked in a loving kiss, somehow everything stopped. There were no problems to think of, no people to consider and no pain to hinder their true feelings.

They were alone in their own little world. Two people who love with all their hearts. Two people who have lost each other along the way but have finally found each other again.

Fate just closed her eyes as Max started to deepen his kiss. This is what she wanted and this was what her heart was longing for. She was willing to bear the consequences later. But for now, she was going to let go… She was going to be true to herself. She was still in love with him and for the very last time she wants to feel the love that Max was offering. Even though her mind was telling her to stop, her heart had already won. She was going to make one last beautiful memory with the man she truly loves.

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42[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th October 2013, 9:14 pm


Fate was suddenly startled as a loud noise came from outside the room. She quickly sat up on the bed and was about to stand up when Max grabbed her hand.

“Where are you going?” he asked as panic was also written on his face.

“Max, didn’t you hear that? There was a loud noise outside,” she replied.

Max had already gotten up and had already put on his clothes. “You wait here. I will check it out. Make sure to lock the door when I go out,” he uttered.

Fate just nodded and quickly wore the robe next to her bed.

Max was already at the door when it suddenly swung open, revealing an unexpected face.

“Norman,” Fate gasped in horror.

Norman’s eyes immediately focused on Fate, then he quickly turned to Max who was already standing just inches away from him. He angrily gave Max a strong blow to the face that sent him lying on the floor. “She’s mine. You no longer have any right to have her,” he shouted as he continuously hit Max over and over again.

Max just accepted all the blows that Norman gave. He knew that he deserved it and he somehow felt that being beaten to death was nothing compared to the pain and suffering he gave Fate. He was just paying what he owed.

Fate quickly rushed to step in and stop Norman from hitting Max. “Please stop… please stop….” She continuously begged as he tried to pull Norman away from Max. Max already had a cut on the lower side of his lip and it was already swollen. He also had bruises on both his face and blood was continuously flowing from an open wound on his forehead.

Norman looked at Fate more closely. “Please don’t tell me that you’re still on his side?” he uttered with disbelief and hurt visible in his eyes.

Fate didn’t know how to answer Norman’s question. “I… I…” she stuttered.

Norman’s eyes suddenly turned soft. He then took Fate by the hand and started to pull her away. “Come on, we’re going,” he said as he tried to mask the pain he was feeling with a cold facade.

Max hurriedly stood up and tried to block the door. “Please don’t take her away from me. I love her. I’ll die if I lose her again,” he uttered with a trembling voice.

Norman chuckled and then shook his head in disbelief. “Do you really think you have any right to ask her back? You had her but you just used her and threw her away when you no longer needed her. Do you really think I would give her back to you after what you have done?”

Max looked straight at Norman. “I love her and I know she still loves me. Please just let us be together again. I promise I will change and I will take good care of her.”

Norman mockingly laughed at what Max said. “And what makes you think your words would actually mean anything to me? Do you really think I would just easily give her back after you say you want her again? Are you blind? Are you crazy? We’re going to be married and I am not going to back away just because of you.”

“Please… please… I can’t live without her. I’ll die without her,” Max continued.

“Then just die! I really don’t give a damn!” Norman shouted as he shoved Max and pulled Fate out of the door.

Max quickly grabbed Fate’s right arm. “Fate, please don’t go. Don’t leave me,” he uttered as tears appeared in his eyes.

Fate stared at him with tears also streaming down her face. She then shook her head as she tried to . “Max….we already know that this isn’t right from the very beginning. We tried to keep holding on to each other even though we know we’re not right for each other. So please for both our sakes… let go,” she spoke with a clear voice.

Slowly Max’s hand slipped down and finally released Fate’s arm. “Is this really what you want? What about what just happened between us? Doesn’t that have any meaning for you? Don’t I mean anything to you anymore?” he asked with tears filling his eyes.

Fate tried to hold back her own tears as her heart ached after seeing the pain in Max’s eyes. “We already lost everything Max. There’s no us anymore. There’s just you and me with different paths. You have your career and I have my life with Norman now. I’m sorry if I gave you false hope. I just wanted to give you one last memory that’s why I slept with you. But it doesn’t mean I am going back to you. I’m sorry. But you should try to find your own life now. I already have decided and I am taking this path, a life without you… So goodbye Max. I wish you’ll find your own happiness very soon…”

As Fate slowly turned and started to walk away with Norman beside her, she felt like she was dying inside. She wanted to break down and cry. She wanted to scream and ran back to Max’s side but she knew she would be just bringing him more pain. She didn’t deserve him. She could no longer give him happiness.

As tears finally clouded her eyes, she slowly closed her eyes and then her memory suddenly flashed back to the time where she was happy… back in his Max’s arms.

“What do you want most in the world?” she suddenly asked as Max hugged her from behind. They were standing and looking out the window in Fate’s room. They had spent the night together and they had decided to wake up early just to watch the sun rise.

Max tightened his embrace. “Hmmm… what I want most in the world… would be you.”

Fate laughed. “Aside from me, silly. What do you want most in the world? I mean your dream, aside from a successful singing career,” she continued.

“Then… my answer would be… one big happy family. Since I was young, I always pictured myself to be surrounded with many kids. I want many children… and a loving wife. But of course I don’t intend to create a basketball team just like some I know” he then started to laugh. “I just want maybe one girl and two boys or two boys and two girls. Yes, three or four kids would be enough… I would make sure to spend equal time with all my children and I promise that I will always make time to play with them and go out with them. We would always have family time during Sundays. And I will always make time for all their school activities,” Max uttered dreamily.

Fate giggled. “We’re talking about dreams and here you are… talking about kids and your future family plans,” she said with light laugh. “But that’s really beautiful Max… I hope that you can have that dream of yours someday…”

Max sighed, then he gave a light kiss on Fate’s head. “One part of my dream is already here. I know with your help… I can achieve everything, especially that dream… I know you will be the perfect wife and mother.”

Fate closed her eyes. “Yes, I am willing to build that dream with you Max… I will try to be the perfect wife… and mother… just for you.”


As Fate slowly opened her eyes, she was suddenly hit with reality.

She could no longer build that dream with Max. She could no longer give him the children that he dreams of.

As her heart continued to reminisce and ache, her tears also continued to appear, one by one…


“We have received a report that Fate Nakamura has already been found. She is unharmed and already resting with her fiancée. I know all her fans are surely going to be happy with this news. It seems right after the announcement of her disappearance, many fans and volunteers helped in trying to find her, though no formal statement was ever released regarding where she was found. We are all very happy that she is now safe. We are expecting that additional information will be released after her wedding which is scheduled tomorrow. I know many of you are going to ask where the wedding will be held, but sadly no additional detail regarding the wedding except for the date was ever released to the press. The only thing we know is that it will be a private event which will be attended by selected guests and relatives….”

Micky turned off the TV in the middle of the news and slowly turned to his friends. “What do we do now?”

Jaejoong looked at the direction of Max’s room. “What else can we do? He has already done everything to win her back, even to the extent of kidnapping her, but she still chose to leave him,” he sadly answered.

“Well we can’t just sit around and do nothing. It’s obvious that she still loves him or else she wouldn’t have stepped in and acquitted him of all charges. She even admitted to the police that she went with Max on her own free will. I don’t think we should just give up. Max is already devastated and we should help him,” Xiah suddenly said with determination in his eyes.

U-Know sighed and suddenly stood up. “Xiah’s right. I think we should at least make one last try. I have a plan… but we will need Michael’s help.”

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43[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th October 2013, 9:16 pm


Fate sadly stared at her reflection on the mirror. She tried to smile but along with it, tears unexpectedly fell down from her eyes. Slowly a series of memories flashbacked into her mind, her happy times with the only man she ever loved. If only… he was the one she was going to marry today, her heart would surely be overjoyed but it seems God had planned a different destiny for her. In just a few hours she was going to take a different path, a path that isn’t dictated by her heart but by her mind.

“Why are you crying? Your make-up will get ruined. Stop crying!” the make-up artist suddenly said with panic. “Please don’t make me spend another hour just fixing up your make-up,” she begged.

Fate lowered her head and just tried to avoid looking at herself again. Seeing herself in a wedding gown was somehow torturing her mentally and emotionally.

The make-up artist and hairstylist both exchanged glances with each other. They just shook their heads and continued to prepare Fate for the wedding.

“You know, we really can’t understand you. You’re so gloomy and sad like it’s the end of the world. You’re getting married in one of the most prestigious hotels in the country plus your guests are all well-known businessmen and famous people. Of all the brides that we have met, you’re the only one who actually looks like she cried all night before her wedding day. What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy that you’re getting married with one of the wealthiest men in the world? God, think straight girl. You’re quite lucky really. Any girl would surely trade places with you in a heartbeat. Imagine you’re not only marrying a wealthy guy, but also a very handsome and famous one too. And to top it all, he is obviously head over heels in love with you. What else can you possibly ask for?” the make-up artist suddenly voiced out in frustration. He had been rearranging Fate’s make-up for several times already since she kept on crying every time she sees herself on the mirror.

“Look girl, word of advice. This is your wedding. And a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of a girl’s life. So if you’re not happy with Norman, then it’s better to just pack up and leave. I am not being bad or anything. But I have been in this wedding business for more than 10 years. And I can clearly see that you’re not in love with the guy. So I don’t see the point of marrying a guy you’re not in love with. I don’t even think you can handle a day of being with him, without crying your eyes out. So just spare yourself from more heartaches and tears. Just leave now or if you can’t still decide, you can just say no later at the actual wedding ceremony. But honey, may I remind you that if you do that… it would be totally embarrassing for the guy. So if you have some heart, maybe you can just drop now,” the hairstylist added.

Fate shook her head. “Even if I wanted to leave, do you really think I can? Have you seen the men outside this room? There are more than a dozen men outside from both Michael and my father’s side. They are there to make sure that I don’t leave,” she uttered bitterly.

“Aahh, I knew something was off. I was also quite confused as to why the security was so tight outside. I just thought that since you’re a top racer and Norman is a well-known person too so the security is supposed to be that way. Now I understand that it’s supposed to make sure that you won’t run away. You, poor thing! No wonder you kept on crying,” the make-up artist said with sympathy.

“Can’t you reason with your father? Or don’t you have any friends that can help you escape?” the hairstylist asked with concern.

Fate shook her head. “I am not allowed to communicate with any of my friends, not until after the wedding.”

The hairstylist sighed in defeat. “This kind of situation is really pitiful.”

Fate smiled bitterly. “I guess I have no choice but to go on with this.”

A knock on the door suddenly interrupted their conversation.

“Ms. Nakamura, please be ready in an hour,” Norman’s secretary announced.

Fate just nodded her head and looked at the two older women standing in front of her. “Can you please help me? I have no choice now but to go on with this. Fix me up again please. I’m sorry for all the trouble I am causing you,” she politely said.

The two older women sighed. “Some rich men are really despicable. Imagine forcing a young girl to marry you, it’s really… ahhh,” one of them uttered with disapproval.

In the hotel’s reception area…

“Look, I just want to talk to Fate before her wedding. Can’t you just give her a call and ask if I can come up and talk with her even if for just a few minutes. It’s really urgent. Promise I’m just going to talk to her. You can also accompany me, if you don’t trust me,” Michael was reasoning with the head of the security team of the hotel.

“We’re very sorry sir. But we have strict instructions that no one will be allowed into the hotel without an invitation. We are also given special instruction that no one will be allowed to talk with Ms. Nakamura before the wedding. If you really need to talk to her, you can do it after the wedding,” the head security answered politely.

Michael shook his head in disbelief. “This is totally unbelievable. Can you at least tell Mr. Nakamura that I am here? If you won’t allow me to talk to Fate, at least let me talk to her father instead.”

The head security nodded. “Please wait here while I inform Mr. Nakamura that you’re here.”

Michael smiled. “Thank you,” he uttered with relief. He needed to resort to plan B now that he can’t talk to Fate.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outside the hotel, Jaejoong and U-Know patiently wait for Michael’s call.

“Do you think Michael was able to talk to Fate?” Jaejoong asked U-Know nervously.

U-Know shook his head. “I don’t think so. If he did, he should have called us by now.” He then looked at his watch again. “It’s just an hour before the wedding. I hope we can pull this off…”

Jaejoong chuckled. “I suddenly feel like we are secret agents or something. But for Max’s sake, I do hope everything turns out okay.”

“Wait here, I’ll give Micky a call to check if everything is okay at their end,” U-Know said.

Jaejoong just nodded. U-Know then hurriedly walked away and took out his phone to call his other friends.

Ring, ring, ring, ring……

“Why aren’t you answering?” U-Know muttered nervously as he tried to call his friend again.

Ring, ring, ring, ring……

“Sorry, I was just about to call you,” Micky suddenly said as soon as he answered the phone.

“What’s happening? What took you so long to reply anyway? Is everything set?” U-Know continuously asked.

“Yes, everything’s set. Let’s just wait for Michael’s move,” Micky replied. “I just hope that we’re really doing the right thing. I still don’t agree with this kind of method,” he continued.

“Look, we don’t really have any choice. It’s either this or we’ll just see them separated for the rest of their lives. At least, in this way, we can still give them the chance to be together,” U-Know said with a deep sigh.

Micky just shook his head in total confusion. “Well, we’re already here. There’s no turning back now. Let’s just hope that we can all do our parts successfully.”

U-Know couldn’t help but nod. “Yes, you’re right. There’s no turning back. I also hope that everyone will forgive us after this. This will surely have a big impact on us after this is over.”

“This is for Max. So I really don’t have any regrets. I know we all feel the same thing. So let’s just do this,” Micky said with determination.

Suddenly…. a car parked out of the hotel where the DBSK boys were staying. And it was then that Xiah hurriedly entered the hotel.

Micky, who was just sitting in the lobby immediately stood up, and started to run after Xiah. “It’s begun… be ready,” he uttered before turning off his phone.

= = = = = = = = = =

“What’s wrong? Can you tell me what’s going on?” Micky nervously asked Xiah, who was obviously nervous as well. They were already in the elevator, together with their bodyguards and the hotel’s manager and staff members.

Xiah looked at the hotel staff first before replying. Somehow he was trying to decide whether to answer or not. “Let’s just go to our room first. I have a bad feeling about Max. He called me half an hour ago. He was saying some weird stuff. I really couldn’t understand what he was saying. It’s as if he’s talking gibberish or something.”

Micky just continued to look at Xiah. Somehow he was still trying to understand what was the connection between the phone call to Xiah and the tense atmosphere they were all in. Then it suddenly hit him. “Hey, don’t tell me…. you’re thinking he…. he….”

Xiah nodded. He then looked at the elevator door again. “Why can’t this elevator go faster… “ he then uttered impatiently.

As soon as the elevator door opened, everyone rushed to the DBSK boys’ room. Xiah tried to open the door with the hotel key card but just like what he expected it wouldn’t open. “Something’s wrong. How come it wouldn’t open?” he then asked the manager.

The hotel manager immediately looked at the door reader. “Someone’s tampered with it,” he uttered.

Xiah then looked at their bodyguards. “Find a way to open that door, break it down if you must,” he ordered.

After several minutes, the door was finally opened with the help of the hotel’s security staff.

And as soon as they entered the room…..

“Max…” Xiah and Micky shouted.
- - - - - - - - -

Back at Fate’s wedding, the ceremony was already starting…

As Fate carefully walked down the aisle together with her father somehow her heart was beating wildly that it was getting harder for her to breathe. She tried to fight back her tears but a lonely tear found its way and tracked down her cheek. She slowly looked at Norman as he stood in front of the altar with a wide smile on his face. He looked so happy that it makes her heart ache just thinking that she would be causing him so much pain if she backed out now.

“Father…” she uttered in a low voice. Somehow she wanted to hear her father’s voice telling her that she was doing the right thing.

But her heart suddenly stopped when he suddenly spoke something she never expected.

“I’m sorry dear. You still have time, please follow your heart,” the old man’s voice somehow quivered as he said those words.

“Father… “ she uttered again.

“Do what your heart tells you. I promise I will support you,” the old man said with a loving tone.

Fate’s heart felt like it was going to explode with happiness. Now it was only Norman who stood in the way of her happiness. She carefully looked at all the possible ways that she could easily leave the place, but her heart quickly sank as she saw that there were guards everywhere and not to mention the press that were gathered in different portions of the area. They were constantly taking pictures and she even noticed several men who were taking videos.
“What do I do now,” she suddenly asked herself in a low voice.

As they approached the altar, Fate’s mind started to work fast. She was somehow thinking of what to do next. Norman gently took her hand from her father and he slowly bowed to the older man as a sign of respect. As she and Norman faced the priest at the altar, she couldn’t help but feel like she was trapped with no way out.

With a heavy heart, the wedding ceremony started…..


In a hospital somewhere….

Max was lying motionless at the emergency room as the doctors and nurses rushed to save him.

“Foolish Max, why did you do it huh? Why didn’t you wait for us? Why? Why?” Micky kept on repeating.

Xiah just kept on shaking his head in total disbelief. Everything was already planned out. If only Max followed everything they had planned. Out of frustration, he punched the wall near him. But somehow the pain that followed was nothing compared to the pain he was feeling in his heart. Gradually he just hid and faced the wall again and quietly cried.

Micky looked at Xiah’s direction and felt hopelessness. He then stared back at the emergency room’s direction. Slowly he started to cry as well. Somehow everything was going to end in such a painful way.


A car suddenly halted in front of the hospital and Jaejoong and U-Know quickly ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

“What happened huh? Why did this happen? I thought we already talked about everything. Why didn’t he just follow what we said? Why…” Jaejoong kept on asking in a loud voice as soon as he approached Micky.

U-Know gently touched Jaejoong’s shoulder as if to make him stop. Jaejoong just looked at him with tears already filling his eyes. “Why…” he continued to utter before he finally broke down.

He just closed his eyes and also started to weep silently for their friend who was still fighting for his life.


Michael felt like his head was spinning as soon as he closed his phone. He just received a call from U-Know. He knew he needed to do something fast or else Fate will never forgive herself.


Mr. Nakamura slowly nodded his head after one of his men carefully whispered something to him.

And within minutes, Michael appeared….

“STOP THE WEDDING! PLEASE STOP!!!” he shouted on the top his lungs.

Everyone quickly turned to look at who was causing the commotion.

“Michael… “ Fate uttered with shock.

Michael quickly ran to the altar but Norman’s men immediately blocked his way. But within seconds, Mr. Nakamura’s men also entered and helped clear the way for Michael.

“Fate, you’ve got to come with me. We have to hurry,” Michael said in a rush.

Fate just looked at her friend in total confusion. “Why, what’s wrong?” she worriedly asked. Somehow her heart already knew the answer, as it kept on beating wildly.

“It’s Max… he… he’s in the hospital. We have to hurry,” Michael answered.

Fate felt like her whole world stopped. She then looked at Norman. “I… I’m sorry…” she quickly uttered.

Norman’s eyes were somehow filling with tears but he still tried to smile and just nodded. “I knew this was coming… Go… You’re free….” he said as his tears trailed down his cheeks.

As Fate quickly runs away, Norman just kept on staring steadily. As his tears continued to cloud his eyes, he just kept on staring until he couldn’t see Fate anymore.

“Please be happy…. Promise me, you’ll be happy…” he uttered with a bitter smile. Even though his heart was aching, he was wishing only happiness for the woman he loves….

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44[FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART - Page 2 Empty Re: [FIC] A RACE TO MY HEART on 14th October 2013, 9:17 pm


The minutes that passed seemed like hours for Fate. It was like she was in a nightmare that was making her so suffocated to the point that it was driving her crazy. “Why? What happened?” she kept on repeating while tears just kept on flowing from her eyes.

Michael who was trying to focus on driving didn’t even dare to speak because he didn’t want to make matters much worse than it was. He wasn’t clear as well on what exactly happened to Max except for the fact that he had overdosed himself with various medications. He couldn’t help but shake his head in total disbelief with what was happening. Everything was already set and they had already thought of a good plan to stop Fate’s wedding. Max didn’t have to do such a dangerous thing. What if… then all their help would just end up in vain. He then again shook his head. He was somehow trying to erase the negative thoughts from his mind. “No, he will be fine. He should be fine. Fate won’t be able to accept if something bad happens to him. He’s the only reason why she’s still fighting,” he thought to himself.

“Michael, Michael…. Are we there yet? Do you think he’s fine now? Why won’t you say anything except that something has happened to him and that he’s in the hospital? Can you please have pity on me? Can’t you tell me what’s wrong with Max?” Fate uttered between sobs.

Michael sighed heavily and just bit his lower lip to stop himself from replying. He didn’t want Fate to suddenly collapse or to lose her sanity all of a sudden.


Half an hour passed,

“We’re here. Oh great!” Michael couldn’t help but utter in total irritation. A group of reporters were already lined up outside the hospital. They were obviously waiting for news regarding Max. “Look Fate… there are a lot of reporters outside the hospital. We have to find another way into the hospital first so we wouldn’t attract any attention,” he tried to explain.

“I don’t care about them. They can do whatever they want. I don’t have the time to wait or look for other ways into that place. I am going to go in through the front door, period,” Fate said with her usual stubbornness.

“But Fate…” Michael tried to reason with his friend. But it was already too late. The minute the car stopped. Fate had already gotten out of the car and was already rushing to the front door of the hospital. “Fate…” he shouted as he tried to catch up with her.

The reporters immediately rushed to interview Fate as soon as they saw her. Various questions were instantly thrown at her.“Miss Nakamura, can you tell us why you’re here? Are you here to visit your ex-boyfriend Max? Aren’t you supposed to marry Mr. Horton today? Did you get married already or did you leave Mr. Horton just to come here?”

Michael quickly blocked the reporters from getting close to Fate and the hospital guards had also stepped in and had escorted them inside the hospital.


“How’s Max? Where is he?” Fate asked frantically as soon as she arrived at the operating room where the DBSK boys were waiting.

Micky lowered his head and tried to wipe away his tears. “They are still operating on him,” he tried to reply.

Fate stared at the boys in front of her. All of the boys’ eyes were all swollen due to crying. “What happened? Can you please tell me what happened to Max?” she begged.

“We were planning to help Max. We already thought of a plan to stop your wedding with Norman, but we couldn’t tell Max about it since we didn’t want him to raise his hopes up… just in case we didn’t succeed. So we just told him to wait… But he decided to just end his suffering in a different way. He had thought it was better to give up on you… and even with his life than wait….” U-Know answered with such bitterness. “He couldn’t wait for just a few hours more… We were already doing everything we can for him…” his voice suddenly trailed off as he also started to cry.

“Max took out all of medications and drank all of them. He was determined to end his life than to live his life without you,” Xiah uttered.

“They are already operating on Max, but his chance in surviving is already very low. He was already dead when the medics got to him but they still managed to revive him somehow. But they say…” Jaejoong suddenly stopped talking. He couldn’t bear to say the words that would surely bring more pain to everyone.

Fate couldn’t believe what she heard. “He committed suicide? No…he wouldn’t do that. He’s strong and stubborn like me. He wouldn’t just give up,” she uttered as if trying to make herself believe that everything was just a lie. “You’re just lying… Can you please stop joking already and tell Max to come out… I want to see him…… please,” she again said with such agony in her voice that Michael just hugged her to stop her from breaking down. Slowly scenes from her past started to appear before her eyes…moments during her depression, her suicide attempt and her insanity… She felt like she was sinking deeper and deeper into a dark and deep hole. Somehow she wanted to scream but there was no voice coming out.

Fate’s eyes started to fill up with tears as she continued to deny everything that she was told. “You’re all lying! Max is fine. Max is okay, right Michael? He’s okay, isn’t he?” she asked the man beside her as if waiting for a different answer.

Michael felt like his heart was breaking into a million pieces as he watched Fate in total despair. He just hugged her tighter before giving the answer that Fate didn’t want to hear. “I’m sorry Fate. But it’s the truth.”

“No, no, no, no!” Fate screamed…


A year passed…

“It’s a very sunny and beautiful day today… If only you could see and enjoy it. I know you would like to go out and see the beautiful scenery outside. Would you like that Max? You know what, I also brought your favorite foods. I know you will surely love them.”

Fate slowly sat down in front of Max who was staring blankly at her. She slowly closed her eyes and tried to pretend that she wasn’t feeling any pain. After a few minutes, she again opened her eyes and tried to put on a smile. “Max, how about we go out today?” she asked cheerfully even though there was no answer. She then fixed Max’s hospital clothes. She also combed his hair. “We’re going out today so you should look handsome just like your old self. You’ll never know, you always have to look your best. You might suddenly run into some fans,” she pretended to make a conversation.

Max just continued to stare blankly without any reaction. After his operation, he went into a coma for two months and later on awakened but became unresponsive until a year already passed. But through it all, Fate continued to stay by his side. She was the one who constantly took care of him. And she was the one who continued to believe that he will still return to her.

A tear slipped out of her eye as she tried to fight back her sobbing. She’s strong, she kept on telling herself. She was willing to fight and wait for Max to be back to his normal self. Even if it takes forever, she was willing to wait.


“Isn’t it beautiful Max?” Fate asked as she carefully showed Max a rose she had picked from the hospital garden. “Let’s keep this a secret okay? I know the gardener will surely scold me once he finds out that I have been picking his roses again,” she lightly laughed. As she continued to stare at the rose in her hand, somehow her heart ached. “Why don’t you wake up Max? Why don’t you return to me? I would give anything just to see your smile again, to hear your laugh, to feel your hand as it touches my face, to feel your lips as you gently kiss me… I miss you Max. Please wake up and come back to me,” she uttered as one by one tears fell down her cheeks.


Not far from where Fate and Max were, Norman silently watched. His heart was aching and he couldn’t stop himself from pitying the only woman that he loved. If there was anything he could do to make Max return to Fate, he would have done it a long time ago. He didn’t want Fate to continue living in pain.


“But I haven’t stepped into a race car for more than two years already. So why are you suddenly asking me to compete?” Fate asked the organizers of a race who have suddenly showed up at Max’s hospital room.

“Ah, well… No one can deny the fact that you are still the only and leading race car driver in our field. Even if there are new female drivers nowadays, they are still very far behind you in skills and achievement. And our team really needs a good female driver and you’re the best. Will you accept our offer?” one of the men answered.

“Also 50% of the revenue from this race will go to a foundation that helps in orphanages. We know that you are very active in charity events nowadays. So please just take this as another way of helping out,” one of the organizers added.

“Is Michael Smith also competing?” Fate suddenly asked.

“Yes, he is. We have already asked him to help us out in asking you to go back into racing but he just denied our request and told us to get another female driver instead and to never disturb you. But we believe that this will be a very beneficial offer both on our ends. If you join this race, you will be helping in raising funds for the needy and aside from that you will also be able to revive your career as a race car driver. And we will be able to get a lot of sponsors once they learn that you are also entering the race. We hope that you will consider our offer,” one of the men explained with confidence.

Fate looked back at where Max was sitting. He was facing the window. “Are you hearing this Max? Should I accept?” she somehow asked him through her mind.

“Please give me more time to consider your request. I will surely tell you my decision by next week. Will that be okay?” Fate asked the organizers.

“Yes, yes, of course,” the men answered happily.


“Are you mad?” Michael shouted. “You haven’t been inside a race car for such a long time now. Do you think that you can just go and compete just like that without the proper training? It’s only 3 months now before the competition. Do you think that you can get yourself ready in that short time span? Think about your situation Fate. You wouldn’t want to end up in the same condition as Max, would you?” he said with irritation and sarcasm.

Fate sighed. She knew that Michael was right but somehow she was thinking that she needed a break. She needed something to get her mind off things. She needed something to keep her preoccupied aside from taking care of Max. It was already too depressing and she didn’t want to sink into a depression again and lose her sanity just like before.

“I just need a break Michael. I think this will be a good way for me to set myself on the right track again. You have been telling me that I should go out more often and enjoy my life. You said that Max wouldn’t want me to spend the rest of my life curled up in this hospital room with him. I love taking care of him, but I just want some time to be myself. I don’t have any intention of winning so I really don’t have plans to push myself too much with the training. Just a simple training to get by and to be able to finish the race is enough for me,” Fate explained.

Michael stared at Fate, then at Max… “Is this really what you want? Promise me that you’ll be serious with the remaining practice time okay? I will be training with you just to make sure you’ll get accustomed to everything again.”

Fate smiled sweetly at her friend. “Thank you Michael. Thank you for being so understanding and for always standing by my side…”

Michael smiled back. “I already said I’d help you right? So you don’t have to sweet talk me,” he teased.

Fate laughed as she slowly turned and looked at Max’s blank reaction.

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The three months went by quickly. During this time, Fate still managed to keep her routine in taking care of Max during the evening. She hired a personal nurse for Max who took care of him during the day whenever she’s on the race track and practicing. And every night, she would go to the hospital where she would spend the night until the next day wherein she personally fixes Max’s breakfast.

A week before the race….

Fate had just arrived and she was already very tired. She then decided to kneel in front of Max who was sitting in his wheelchair. She then faced him and gently caressed his face. “How are you Max? I know you might not approve of what I am doing right now. But this is my life. I love racing and it gives me the peace of mind, the same way your music gives you your own peace of mind and happiness. So please bear with me okay? The race is already next week and after this, I promise you that I will never join a race again. I will be devoting all my time to be with you and only you,” she said as she also lovingly caressed Max’s hand and then she placed her head down on his lap.

Minutes passed, unexpectedly Fate fell asleep on Max’s lap. It was then that the other DBSK boys and Michael entered the room. As soon as they saw Fate sleeping, they couldn’t help but pity her. They knew the hardships that she was going through each and every day. Yes, they pitied her but they also admired her strength, her unending hope, unconditional love and determination. Even though all the doctors that they have gone to have already told them that the chances of Max being normal again is already impossible. She just continued to believe that she can still help him to be himself again and that one day he will come back to her as the same Max that she had loved before.

Michael carefully lifted Fate and gently placed her on the bed near Max’s bed. “Sleep and rest well Fate… Hope you meet up with Max even if only in your dreams… so you can be happy even if for a short time… Sweet dreams my princess.”

Jaejoong, U-Know, Xiah and Micky couldn’t help but watch silently. They all knew that Michael was in love with Fate. But because Fate was very much in love with Max, the only thing that Michael could do is accept his position being Fate’s friend.


The day of the race……

“I’m leaving early Max… Today is the race. I’m so excited and nervous. Watch me while I race okay? Wish me luck okay? I really don’t have any plans in winning but it would surely be great if I did. Cheer me on, okay? I love you,” Fate said as she lovingly kissed Max on the lips before saying goodbye to the others.

Jaejoong, U-Know, Xiah and Micky couldn’t help but smile after seeing Fate’s sweet gesture. Somehow they couldn’t help but think that Max is such a lucky person to have Fate by his side, and that everything would be totally perfect if only Max would finally respond and return to himself.


“Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a truly remarkable day. Imagine seeing the very famous Fate Nakamura on the race track again. And believe me when I say that she hasn’t lost her touch even after 2 years of absence from the racing world. This certainly proves that she is certainly one of the best race car drivers in the world,” the male announcer of the tv program said with enthusiasm.

Max just continued to stare blankly at the TV. He and the other DBSK boys were all in front of the television ever since the race started. It was being broadcasted live from the race track.

“I wonder if Fate will be able to win,” Micky uttered.

“Well there are a lot of good drivers too so it will be a bit difficult, I think. Plus Michael is also competing, don’t forget,” U-Know answered.

“Ah yes, well I do hope that they get a place or something. They both deserve it, especially Fate. She’s been working so hard and I believe she said that this will be her very last race. After this she will no longer join any race no matter what,” Xiah added.

“Such a pity really. She’s a good driver, but of course, her safety is always first. Being in her field is very dangerous. It’s like every time she joins a competition, she’s stepping into an arena of death where there’s a big chance of not coming back. Let’s say if something suddenly happens to her. What will happen to Max then? It will be such a tragic story on their part, don’t you think so?” Jaejoong said without thinking.

“Eh, stop being negative… That’s bad vibes,” Micky said with a laugh while trying to change the topic.

Jaejoong suddenly stopped and tried to think for a moment regarding what he said. “Oh sorry about that. I didn’t really mean anything bad will happen to Fate. It’s just that it’s dangerous, that’s it. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best eh?” he replied with a light laugh.

U-Know, Xiah and Micky also laughed and nodded in unison. Somehow they all wanted to avoid any negative topic at that moment.

As they all watched, Max continued to stare at the television silently…


“We’re on the last lap everyone… This is really a very exciting race. Fate Nakamura is at 5th place followed by Michael Smith at 6th. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that Michael isn’t really here to race but to just provide a back up for Fate Nakamura so no other racer can get to her. Don’t you think so?” the male announcer asked another male commentator.

“This will truly be a memorable race. Just a few minutes and we will finally know the winners…” the male announcer added.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Fate Nakamura is now moving on to 3rd place everyone… Somehow the crowd is becoming excited as well. They are all cheering on for Fate,” the male commentator said with a very excited tone.
The DBSK boys continued to watch with such excitement until….

In just a split second, Fate’s car suddenly swerved and somehow lost control. It started spinning then tumbling a few times before finally landing upside down.

“Fate…….” everyone who saw the accident shouted.


Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Micky somehow lost themselves while watching. It was like they were only watching a movie and everything wasn’t real. Only after a few minutes after the accident, did they regain their consciousness.

“Let’s go, we have to go,” Jaejoong said frantically.

“What the…. is this real?” Xiah asked again as if still unable to believe what he is seeing.

“We are now seeing the rescue team as they try to save Fate Nakamura. They are already bringing in some tools to cut the car into parts. It seems she’s stuck and badly injured. We are now praying that Fate is still alive…” the announcer said with concern.

Max continued to stare at the scene in front of him… then a tear unexpectedly appeared and dropped down.

“They are now pulling out Fate Nakamura’s body out of the car. Everyone here is already crying…. It seems she’s….” the announcer suddenly stopped talking and the scene was cut.

“Fa…fa…te….” a voice suddenly echoed in the room.

Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Micky all looked at Max’s direction. “Max?” they all uttered.

Max’s eyes were now filled with tears and were continuously flowing from his eyes. “I… I… need… to… see…Fate…Please…help…me..” he tried to utter.

“Yes, yes, we’re going now…” Jaejoong said with tears blurring his eyes. Somehow everything was so painful for all of them… Just when Max had finally returned, it seems that this time Fate will be the one who will be leaving… not for a short while but for good.


“Michael, how is she?” U-Know asked as soon as they arrived in the hospital where Fate was taken.

Michael who was obviously emotionally wrecked somehow couldn’t even think straight. He just kept on crying and sobbing like a child and he wouldn’t even leave the operating room door. He kept on walking to and from the door. “I shouldn’t have let her drive. This is all my fault. I should have taken good care of her. I should have guarded her more…I… I….”

“Michael, it’s not your fault. It’s an accident. No one wants this to happen. So it’s no one’s fault. Please stop blaming yourself,” Jaejoong uttered.

Michael shook his head. “No, it’s my fault. It’s my fault….”

“No, it’s… not… your… fault. Please stop blaming…yourself,” Max uttered slowly.

It was only then that Michael noticed Max.

“Max…? You’re here? You’re talking? Fate would surely be happy to see you’re finally back…. Fate! Fate! Max is back… Fate can you hear me, you have to make it back too… Please, please…. please… I’m begging you…” Michael shouted as he banged on the operating room door.

Xiah and Micky quickly took hold of Michael. “Calm down. We’re all devastated by what happened but please you have to get a hold of yourself. Please don’t disturb them… They are operating on Fate remember?” Xiah said calmly.

Michael who was somehow going mad, slowly nodded his head continuously. “Yes, yes… I shouldn’t be disturbing them… Sorry, sorry…sorry…” again he started crying.

Hours passed….a doctor stepped out the operating room.

“Doctor, how is she?” the boys asked in unison.

“We have already done the best that we can do. There have been some internal injuries and she suffered an internal bleeding due to the accident. I would like to be honest with you… Her chances of surviving is quite small. Right now we will be monitoring her constantly. If she makes it through the night, then maybe… maybe she has a bigger chance to survive. We always believe in the miracle of prayers. So please pray for her tonight, this will be a very hard time for her…” the doctor replied before finally leaving.

Max silently watched as Michael finally broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. “Fate will return to me…. She promised me that this will be her last race and after this she will devote all her time on me and only me…I’ve come back Fate, now it’s your turn to return to me… please fight for me. I love you…” he uttered to himself with tears streaming down his cheeks.


Norman and the other DBSK boys carefully helped Max as he entered Fate’s room. As soon as they saw her condition, they couldn’t help but shed a tear. She was badly bruised and she suffered several cuts and fractures all over her body which basically left her like a broken doll. Both her legs were fractured and even her left arm was broken. Their hearts were all heavy. They couldn’t accept what happened to her. It was like a bad dream and somehow all of them just wanted to wake up at that exact moment.

Max tried to stop himself from crying. He moved his wheelchair closer to Fate’s bed. “Fate… I’m back. I’m finally here. Remember you promised me that you will be spending your time with me? I’m sorry if I made you wait for such a long time. I’m here now. And it’s my turn to show you that I can wait too. You don’t have to hurry. Just take your time to heal yourself. Just make sure that you’ll fight and hang on. Please come back to me. I need you. I won’t be able to live without you Fate. I’ll wait for you and I’ll take care of you the same way you took care of me. I will be here waiting for your return,” he uttered as he cried silently.


Two years passed………

Max was quietly looking outside the window. It was this same day that Fate’s accident happened. Everything was already a part of past and everything had moved on forward after that unfortunate day. A smile suddenly appeared on his lips. He learned a lot of things from that day until today. He learned everything all because of one special woman… Fate.

Suddenly a hand gently touched Max’s hand. “What are you thinking?” a woman asked.

With a big smile, Max turned around to face the woman who had taught her the new meaning of life.

“Are you ready?” Max asked lovingly.

The woman nodded. “Yes, sorry for taking so long. I wanted to make sure that we brought everything we need.”

“It’s okay. Even if it takes you forever… I will always wait for you,” Max said with such love in his eyes.

“Sorry…” she uttered.

“Sorry for what?” Max asked, quite puzzled.

“Sorry for being such a burden,” the woman said with a sad tone in her voice.

“You’ll never be a burden to me. No matter what happens I will be here for you. I will help you with everything you need and I will always take care of you… just like I promised,” Max uttered lovingly as he gently kissed the woman on the forehead.

“Thank you…” she uttered.

“I should be the one thanking you. Every day I will keep on thanking you for coming back to me. Because if you didn’t come back, I don’t know what I would have done,” Max replied.

“Max…” the woman uttered with tears clouding her eyes.

Max quickly wiped away her tears. “I love you… Fate. I loved you in the past, I love you now and I will continue to love you in the future… no matter what the future has in store for us. As long as we have each other, I am willing to go on and live. As long as I have your hand in my hand, I will continue to strive and be a better man for you. As long as you’re here, I will continue to dream for a brighter future for the both of us.”

Fate nodded. “Thank you for taking care of me and staying by my side for the past 2 years even though I know it’s really been tough on you.”

Max smiled sweetly at the woman he loves. “The past 2 years were not that hard for me, I had you beside me. It would have been hard if you didn’t fight and if you left me,” he said as his voice quivered.

Fate shook her head. “I would never do that. I will continue to fight as long as you’re willing to.”

Max nodded. “Then let’s do this. Let’s fight and show everyone what true love is? How about it Mrs. Shim? You know we should get going or else you’re going to be late for your physical therapy session. Just a few more sessions and you’ll be able to dance the tango again,” he teased.

Fate laughed. “Tango? I don’t even dance. And remember what the doctor said, it will take at least a few more years before I can walk again.”

Max laughed as well. “Then we still have a few more years to learn how to dance the tango eh? After that we can learn how to make a baby again? Remember Norman said that he was just lying about you being unable to have a child again. So we can always try right?”

Fate quickly blushed. “You’re such a bad boy,” she uttered with a light laugh.

“And that’s why you love me,” Max replied with a mischievous smile.

Fate laughed. “Come on, bad boy. We’re going to be late. After the therapy session, we’re meeting with the others right?”

“Yes, Xiah just came back from Korea. While U-Know said he will be bringing his new girlfriend with him. Micky and Jaejoong too said that they’re bringing some friends with them. Friends? As if I would actually believe that,” Max uttered with a laugh. He carefully pushed Fate’s wheelchair out of the house and near their car. “Okay, careful…” he uttered while lifting his wife out of the wheelchair. “Remember it was just a year ago when I lifted you like this during our wedding? It was the most wonderful and memorable day of my life,” he said with such happiness on his face.

Fate nodded. “And it was the happiest time of my life too. Sadly that I had to be in a wheelchair while having our ceremony…”

Max smiled. “I would gladly choose the Fate now than have no Fate at all. I would gladly lift you and carry you everyday even for a whole day as long as it means that you’ll be with me. I can endure physical pain or stress just as long as you’re beside me. That’s how much I love you and will keep on loving you.”

“Max, thank you and I love you.”

“I love you too… with all my heart…” he uttered before giving his wife a long and loving kiss.


“Just as long you’re here, I will endure the pain. Just as long as you’re holding my hand, I will keep on going forward with no regrets. Just as long as we’re together, I will continue to look forward and dream for a better tomorrow… I promise you, I will always be here for you…”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THE END <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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